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Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron
Pro-Line Classic - 1994

Notes:  Hey, this is a crossover set, not a "sports-card" set.  Tuff-Stuff Collect!
magazine reported that cards 15, 24, 27 and especially 8 and 13 draw a premium
because of the subject matter.  Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Eric The Red (Eric Swann)
  2   Tarantula (Jesse Tuggle)
  3   Big Bear (Cornelious Bennett)
  4   Panthers (Carolina Panthers)
  5   Zorro (Chris Zorich)
  6   Big Daddy (Dan Wilkinson)
  7   Bad Bone (Eric Turner)
  8   Lone Star Sheriff (Emmitt Smith)
  9   The Bandit (Steve Atwater)
 10   Chillin (Pat Swilling)
 11   Ghost (Sean Jones)
 12   Scarecrow (Ray Childress)
 13   The Missile (Marshall Faulk)
 14   Jaguars (Jacksonville Jaguars)
 15   Attack Cat (Derrick Thomas)
 16   Renegade Raider (Chester McGlockton)
 17   The Barbarian (Shane Conlan)
 18   Cobra (Marco Coleman)
 19   Runaway Train (John Randle)
 20   The Piledriver (Bruce Armstrong)
 21   Raging (Renaldo Turnbull)
 22   Jumbo (John Elliot)
 23   The Rattler (Ronnie Lott)
 24   Rocket Man (Randall Cunningham)
 25   Knight Raider (Neil O'Donnell)
 26   Stealth (Junior Seau)
 27   Psycho (Tom Rathman)
 28   Tez Rex (Cortex Hennedy)
 29   Hyena (Hardy Nickerson)
 30   Jackhammer (Hen Harvey)

 --   Checklist Card


Sprint Phone Card Promotion (200,000 produced)

 --   Monster Card ($3.00 calling value)

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