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The World of Nature
Coca-Cola - 1930s

Noted:  Cards are approximately 2-3/4" x 4-1/4", with artwork by Lynn 
Bogue Hunt and Mary E. Eaton, but there may have been multiple reprints 
with changed artwork. (One reference identified a version dated 1960.) 
They were distributed by Coca-Cola to educators in the U.S. Each series 
of 12 cards was packaged in a sleeve/wrapper titled "Nature Study Cards: 
for use in Visual Instruction." Thanks much to Billy Cole for the list!

No.   Title

Series I: Earth and Air and Sky

  1   The Sun in Eclipse
  2   The Surface of the Moon
  3   The Solar System
  4   The Markings on Mars
  5   The Big and Little Dippers
  6   Young Mountains
  7   Niagara Falls
  8   The Grand Canyon
  9   A Glacier
 10   A Volcano
 11   Dew, Frost and Snow
 12   The Rainbow

Series II: Man's Closest Friends and Most Inveterate Enemies

  1   Our Vertebrate Relatives
  2   The Dog
  3   The Horse
  4   The Cow
  5   The Sheep
  6   The Camel
  7   The Elephant
  8   The Hen
  9   The Pigeon
 10   The Rabbit
 11   Rats and Mice
 12   Snakes Good and Bad

Series III: Trees and other Plants Useful to Man

  1   The Essential Parts of Trees and Other Plants
  2   Wheat
  3   Rice
  4   The Potato
  5   The Sugar-Cane
  6   The Grape
  7   The Apple
  8   The Orange
  9   The Cotton Plant
 10   The Oak
 11   The Pine
 12   The Rubber Tree

Series IV: Some Common Wild Flowers

  1   The Essential Parts of a Flower
  2   The Dutchman's Breeches
  3   Jack-in-the-Pulpit
  4   The Wild Columbine
  5   The Common Buttercup
  6   The Yellow Lady's Slipper
  7   The Blue Flag or Iris
  8   Orange-red or Wood Lily
  9   The White Water Lily
 10   Common Sunflower
 11   The California Poppy
 12   Prickly Pear or Indian Fig

Series V: Among our Feathered Friends

  1   Types to Notice in Birds
  2   The Robin
  3   The Bluebird
  4   The Barn Swallow
  5   The Meadowlark
  6   "Bob-White"
  7   The Woodpecker
  8   The Barn Owl
  9   The American or Bald Eagle
 10   The Ruby-throated Hummingbird
 11   The Herring Gull
 12   The Shrike or Butcher-bird

Series VI: Native Wild Animals

  1   The Red Fox
  2   The Raccoon
  3   The Opossum
  4   The Red Squirrel
  5   The Sea Lion
  6   The Beaver
  7   The Moose
  8   The Virginia Deer
  9   The Buffalo or Bison
 10   The Timber Wolf
 11   The Black Bear
 12   The Panther

Series VII: Life In and Around the Water

  1   The Speckled Trout
  2   The Black Bass
  3   The Pickerel
  4   The Pike
  5   The Common Sucker
  6   The Salmon
  7   The Cod
  8   The Common Eel
  9   The Bull Frog
 10   The Toad
 11   Oyster, Scallop, Mussel, Clam
 12   The Lobster

Series VIII: Insects, Helpful and Harmful

  1   The Honey Bee
  2   The Wasp
  3   The Housefly
  4   The Mosquito
  5   The Tent Caterpillar
  6   The Monarch Butterfly
  7   The Cecropia Moth
  8   The Ant
  9   The Grasshopper
 10   The Praying Mantis
 11   The June Bug
 12   The Firefly

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