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Coca Cola Polar Bears Metal
Collect-a-Card / Metallic Impressions - 1995

Notes: Originally distributed as a complete set in factory tin, limited to 
49,900 copies.  Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the list!

 1. Front: Polar Bear holding a bottle of "Coca-Cola"

    Back: The "Coca-Cola" Polar Bears with an ice cold bottle of "Coca-Cola"
    was used in the most popular television commercials for the "Always
    Coca-Cola" advertising campaign in 1993.  Personable in looks and actions,
    the animated Polar Bear serves as a symbol of the cool and refreshing
    qualities of "Coca-Cola."

 2. Front: Large group of Polar Bears drinking bottle's of "Coca-Cola"

    Back: After a day of fun on the ice, these perpetually happy Polar Bear pals
    delight in a refreshing drink of "Coca-Cola."  This image was taken from the
    first "Coca-Cola" Polar Bear TV commercial.

 3. Front: Polar Bear ski jumping

    Back: The adventuresome "Coca-Cola" Polar Bear takes "the pause that
    refreshes" while soaring off the ski jump in style.

 4. Front: Polar Bear skating

    Back: Flushed with pleasure, the frisky "Coca-Cola" Polar Bear takes a quick
    spin on the ice while enjoying a refreshing drink of "Coke"

 5. Front: Polar Bear playing hocking

    Back: Driving the puck powerfully up the ice, the hardy "Coca-Cola" Polar
    Bear looks forward to a refreshing drink of "Coca-Cola" after his game.

 6. Front: Two Polar Bears bobsledding

    Back: While sliding around an icy curve in their lighting quick bobsled,
    these animated "Coca-Cola" Polar Bears relish the crisp taste of a bottle of
    "Coke" on the run.

 7. Front: Polar Bear skiing

    Back: Skiing with great gusto down a mountain slope, the "Coca-Cola" Polar
    Bear knows a chilly bottle of refreshing "Coca-Cola" awaits him at the end
    of his run.

 8. Front: Polar Bear Snowboarding

    Back: As the snowboarding "Coca-Cola" Polar Bear with the contagious smile
    does his best heel-egded grab, visions of a bubbly bottle of "Coca-Cola"
    keeps him flying high.

 9. Front: Polar Bears cubs pushing an pulling a Christmas tree

    Back: Two happy-go-lucky "Coca-Cola" Polar Bears Cubs work in a tandam to
    get their Christmas tree set up in time for the holidays.  It's hard work
    for two little Polar Bears.  A refreshing bottle of "Coca-Cola" probably
    will be their reward.

10. Front: A Polar Bear and two Cubs enjoy a bottle of "Coke"

    Back: Papa Polar Bear and his twin cubs, always huggable, celebrate with
    frosty bottles of "Coca-Cola" as they prepare to deck the halls for the
    holidays.  Not even Scrooge could resist this whimsical Polar Bear family as
    representatives of cool and refreshing "Coca-Cola."

--  Certificate of Authenticity

©2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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