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Cold Blooded Killers
Mother Productions - 1992/1993

Notes: Cards are "Mother sized," 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", distributed as a boxed factory
set.  Much of the artwork started in the earlier "52 Famous Murderers" set, but
has been colorized. Card text is often repeated from the earlier set. Art here is by
Bari Kumar, Samantha Harrison, Dan Sauerwald, Roger L. Worsham, and Paul

No.   Title                         Known For ...

 1    Charles Manson                Mass Murderer ?
 2    Jeffrey Dahmer                Mass Murderer
 3    John Wayne Gacy               Mass Murderer of Homosexuals
 4    Mark David Chapman            Celebrity Murderer
 5    Lee Harvey Oswald             Assassin, Mass Murderer
 6    Richard Ramirez               Rapist, Mass Murderer
 7    Richard Speck                 Rapist, Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
 8    Albert Fish                   Cannibal, Murderer
 9    Kenneth Bianchi               Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
10    Angelo Buono                  Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
11    James Earl Ray                Assassin
12    Westley Allan Dodd            Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
13    Andrei Chikatilo              Cannibal, Mass Murderer
14    Lynwood C. Drake III          Revenge seekr, Mass Murderer
15    Kenneth McDuff                Mass Murderer
16    Paul Calden                   Revenge seeker, Mass Murderer
17    William Andrews               Mass Murderer
18    Theodore Bundy                Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
19    Ralph Jerome Selz             Mass Murderer
20    Thomas Thurmond               Kidnapping, Murderer
21    Thomas O'Connor               Murderer
22    Alfred Packer                 Cannibal, Mass Murderer
23    Earle Nelson                  Necrophiliac, Mass Murderer
24    Bruno Hauptman                Kidnapper, Murderer
25    Edward Hickman                Kidnjapper, Murderer
26    Winnie Ruth Judd              Murderer
27    William Bonin                 Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
28    Christine Falling             Mass Murderer
29    Donald Harvey                 Mass Murderer
30    Bobby Joe Long                Rapist, Mass Murderer
31    David Burke                   Mass Murderer
32    Dorthea Puente                Mass Murderer
33    William Suff                  Mass Murderer
34    Aileen Carol Wournos          Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
35    Julio Gonzalez                Arsonist, Mass Murderer
36    Gang Lu                       Mass Murderer
37    Howard Unruh                  Mass Murderer
38    Charles Starkweather          Mass Murderer
39    Edward Gein                   Cannibal, Mass Murderer
40    Carl Panzram                  Mass Murderer
--    Murderer Art / Box Cover Art  [credits card]
--    To Reorder More Cards         [order card]
--    Cult-Video                    [catalog offer card]

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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