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Colossal Cards I
FPG - 1995

Notes:  Cards are 6-1/2" x 10".  There were three different pack covers, each
showing the set checklist: one with art by Ken Kelly (card 23), one by Larry
Elmore (card 6), and one by Chris Achilleos (card 2).  Many thanks to Jim
Goodwin for the list!

Box: 18 packs of 5 heavy-stock cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.78 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                              Artist

  1   The Young Dragon Trainer           Chris Achilleos
  2   Elric                              Chris Achilleos
  3   The Bikers Valkyrie                Chris Achilleos
  4   La Vigilanté                       Chris Achilleos
  5   The Angel of Passion               Chris Achilleos
  6   Journey to the Gathering           Larry Elmore
  7   Wereknight                         Larry Elmore
  8   Avalyne, the Life Giver            Larry Elmore
  9   Waiting for the Shadamehr          Larry Elmore
 10   Shadamehr Encounters Baakesh Va    Larry Elmore
 11   Carson of Venus                    Richard Hescox
 12   Deep Quarry                        Richard Hescox
 13   The Dragon Lord                    Richard Hescox
 14   Lost on Venus                      Richard Hescox
 15   Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley      Richard Hescox
 16   At Night                           Jeffrey Jones
 17   White Bird                         Jeffrey Jones
 18   Pterosaur                          Jeffrey Jones
 19   The First Wave                     Jeffrey Jones
 20   The Man                            Jeffrey Jones
 21   Dante's Inferno                    Ken Kelly
 22   Confrontation                      Ken Kelly
 23   The Tigress                        Ken Kelly
 24   The Mighty King                    Ken Kelly
 25   Death's End                        Ken Kelly
 26   The Wizard                         Don Maitz
 27   Dreamquest                         Don Maitz
 28   Arthur's Discovery                 Don Maitz
 29   Bird of Paradise                   Don Maitz
 30   The Stakeout                       Don Maitz
 31   The Druid's Stone                  Keith Parkinson
 32   Return of the Banished             Keith Parkinson
 33   The Ice Dragon                     Keith Parkinson
 34   King's Gold                        Keith Parkinson
 35   Fire Sea                           Keith Parkinson
 36   Frankenstein's Bride               Mike Ploog
 37   Fight for the Night                Mike Ploog
 38   The Mercenary                      Mike Ploog
 39   The Wraith                         Mike Ploog
 40   The Last Hunt                      Mike Ploog
 41   Fiery Vision                       Rowena
 42   King Dragon                        Rowena
 43   The Sorceress                      Rowena
 44   Flame Goddess                      Rowena
 45   Inamorata                          Rowena
 46   Interrupted                        Darrell K. Sweet
 47   An Exchange of Gifts               Darrell K. Sweet
 48   A Dragon's Dilemma                 Darrell K. Sweet
 49   The Wise Assemblage                Darrell K. Sweet
 50   The Dragon Slayer                  Darrell K. Sweet


Autographed Cards

 --   (Each card in the set was autographed by the appropriate artist.)


 --   (Front of card has image from card 22; art by Ken Kelly)

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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