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Colossal Cards Series 2
FPG - 1995

Notes:  Cards are 6-1/2" x 10". Many thanks to LMA for the scan
that formed the basis for the list!

Box: 18 packs of 5 heavy-stock cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.78 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                              Artist

  1   The Worm has Turned                Clyde Caldwell
  2   Alerelean                          Clyde Caldwell
  3   White Magic                        Clyde Caldwell
  4   Werewolf                           Clyde Caldwell
  5   Slither                            Clyde Caldwell
  6   Green Castle                       Roger Dean
  7   Morning Dragon                     Roger Dean
  8   Red Dragon                         Roger Dean
  9   The Asia Pyramid                   Roger Dean
 10   Asia Dragon                        Roger Dean
 11   Dragon of War                      Bob Eggleton
 12   Stare Down                         Bob Eggleton
 13   The Mountain Dragon                Bob Eggleton
 14   Mooncalf Pastures                  Bob Eggleton
 15   Strength of Stones                 Bob Eggleton
 16   On the Veldt                       Joe Jusko
 17   Death Throes                       Joe Jusko
 18   Plesiosaur                         Joe Jusko
 19   Prehistoric Encounter              Joe Jusko
 20   Sentinel                           Joe Jusko
 21   The Sacrifice                      Michael Kaluta
 22   She's Leaving Home                 Michael Kaluta
 23   The Stealer of Souls               Michael Kaluta
 24   The Sentry                         Michael Kaluta
 25   Ayisha                             Michael Kaluta
 26   The Subway Wizard                  David Mattingly
 27   Firetime                           David Mattingly
 28   Shapers                            David Mattingly
 29   Flying High                        David Mattingly
 30   Orton                              David Mattingly
 31   Victory was Mine                   Sanjulian
 32   The Hoard of Chaos                 Sanjulian
 33   Defiant                            Sanjulian
 34   Battle's End                       Sanjulian
 35   The Cobra Queen                    Sanjulian
 36   The Spoils of War                  Barclay Shaw
 37   I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream  Barclay Shaw
 38   River of Time                      Barclay Shaw
 39   Eurydice                           Barclay Shaw
 40   Song of Cecilia                    Barclay Shaw
 41   The Lonely Old Wizard              James Warhola
 42   A Boozing Bunch                    James Warhola
 43   The Magic Shop                     James Warhola
 44   Visitor's Night at Callahan's      James Warhola
 45   The Sorcerer's Aerie               James Warhola
 46   A Dark Travelling                  Tim White
 47   Anthonology                        Tim White
 48   Foundations Friends                Tim White
 49   Hothouse                           Tim White
 50   New Tales of Cthulhu Mythos        Tim White


Autographed Cards

 --   Clyde Caldwell
 --   Roger Dean
 --   Bob Eggleton
 --   Joe Jusko
 --   Michael Kaluta
 --   David Mattingly
 --   Sanjulian
 --   Barclay Shaw
 --   James Warhola
 --   Tim White


#27   Deluxe Promo (reverse is promo for David Cherry card set)

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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