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Crazy College Pennants
   Walt Disney Productions / Wonder Bread - 1976

Notes: Cards are 2" x 3", and feature college pennants with Disney 
characters. They were distributed in bread packages with blank backs.

No.   Title                  Character

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  1   Yell                   Donald Duck
  2   Dart Mutt              Pluto
  3   Prince Ton             Practical Pig
  4   Stamp Ford             Donald Duck
  5   Minnie Soda            Minnie Mouse
  6   Rich Man               Scrooge McDuck
  7   Oregon Snake           Sir Hiss
  8   De Paw                 Pluto
  9   Ala Bambi              Bambi
 10   Wash a ton             Cinderella
 11   Ho Hi Ho State         Dopey
 12   George a Tack          Goofy
 13   Mary Land-ing          Mary Poppins
 14   Aw Burn                Donald Duck
 15   M. I. Tea              Mad Hatter and Alice
 16   S.M. Mew               Figaro
 17   Purr Due               Cheshire Cat
 18   I Owl A                Archimedes
 19   Mar Cat                Gideon
 20   U. See L.A.            Donald Duck
 21   Noted Dame             Minnie Mouse
 22   Dook                   Donald Duck
 23   Too Lame               Goofy
 24   Vest Point             Pluto
 25   Mickey Can Skate       Mickey Mouse

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