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Comic Ball Series 2
   Upper Deck - 1991

Notes: Also issued separately as a boxed set, including base cards and limited 
Series 2 hologram set. Packaging shows 1992 copyright and additional credit to 
Anco Treat. Thanks much to Neil Tring and Walt Meder for updates!

No.   Dialog / Text on back

"Favorite Interplanetary Pastime"

  1   Back: A bizarre Martian character (later named
  2   My new intergalactic satellite dish cable TV h
  3   Let's see what's on channel 1,348, the Earthli
  4   On the pitcher's mound -- Nolan Ryan, the man
  5   Hmmm -- Baseball should also be the favorite M
  6   Retrieve that Nolan Ryan man on the pitcher's
  7   Earth: 49,044,370 miles
  8   Now pitching in relief for Nolan Ryan is Daffy
  9   Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!
 10   Come on! Come on!! Break it up! Isn't there en
 11   I haven't even had a chance to pitch yet!!
 12   That's not Nolan Ryan! Oh -- You've made me ve
 13   Nolan Ryan!? What do you want that old guy for
 14   Your mistake is to your benefit -- For I'm Ear
 15   Now I'll teach these bird brains how to play b
 16   Swishh!!!  Wham!
 17   Zoom!  Plop!!
 18   As long as I don't tell them to pick up the ba

"Road Games"

 19   Back: Name the Road Runner cartoon that appear
 20   Back: What popular Warner Bros. characters wer
 21   Texas Rangers
 22   Beep!!  Beep!!
 23   Plan 1. Bus to ball game
 24   Honk!  Honk!  Pull!!  Tug!!  Hmm?!
 25   Jump!!  Jump!  Jump!!  Honk!  Honk!  Zoom!
 26   Hmmf!!  Beep!!  Beep!!  Zoom!!
 27   Plan 2. Bus returns
 28   Oompf!!  Pull!!  Honk!!  Honk!  Zoom!
 29   Jump!!  Jump!!  Jump!!  Zoom!  Honk!!  Honk!!
 30   Swoop!!  Zoom!!
 31   Zoom!  Slam!  Smash!!
 32   Bounce!!  Plop!
 33   Rumble!  Rumble!  Rumble!
 34   Rumble!!  Rattle!!  Shake!!  Swoosh!!  Zip!!
 35   Ouch!!
 36   Honk!! Honk!!

"Couch Potato Baseball"

 37   Back: In the late '30s and early '40s Chuck Jo
 38   Be vewy, vewy quiet ... I'm watching Nowan Wya
 39   Oh boy!! Time for a pas-twami on white bwead w
 40   Take me out to da ball game!
 41   Since when did dey replace Astro-toif wit carp
 42   Doesn't that TV sound gwate? That commercial s
 43   I knew I shouldn'ta took dat left turn at Coop
 44   Welcome back baseball fans!! Nolan Ryan is win
 45   Dis here front row seat ain't bad, but I think
 46   Hmm!  Hmm!!  Hmm!!  Hmm!!
 47   Ehhh -- Good view and da concessions ain't bad
 48   Hey wabbit!! What are you doing on my couch?
 49   Oh yeah? Well ... take that!!
 50   What's da big idea?!
 51   Gimme dat!!
 52   Click!!
 53   Blink!!
 54   I just love state-of-da-art technology and ...

"Monster Flyball"

 55   Back: Name the Warner Bros. cartoon character
 56   Gee, Uncle Bugs! These upper deck seats are gr
 57   Look Uncle Bugs! The first batter's up!! Is it
 58   Ehhh -- According to dis here program, Reg is
 59   Tromp!!  Tromp!!
 60   Excuse me -- But ehhh -- We can't see the game
 61   OK! OK!! There's no reason -- (gulp) -- why we
 62   Uncle Bugs!! Reggie's goin' to be up at bat an
 63   I'll be right back, Clyde!
 64   Back: Which two major Warner Bros. cartoon sta
 65   Hey Reggie -- I was wonderin' if you could ...
 66   Uncle Bugs!! We still can't see the baseball g
 67   Crack!!
 68   Zoom!
 69   Screeech!!  Stop!!
 70   Move!!
 71   Ahhhh!!
 72   Ya know Clyde -- When "Buck" Jackson hits a fl

"Batting Twoubles"

 73   Back: The Warner Bros. Studio, whose live-acti
 74   How's this-th Reg?
 75   That's wight Mr. Puddy Tat -- Do what Mr. Wegg
 76   Reggie Jacks-thon may show me how to hit base-
 77   Sylvester!! You know the rules!
 78   Sufferin' succotash Reggie! I don't want the T
 79   Mr. Jackson! I think Mr. Puddy Tat needs to be
 80   Here Puddy -- Hit da ball!!
 81   Wham!!  Swish!!  Zip!!
 82   Poor ol' Puddy Tat! I know Mr. Weggie didn't t
 83   Let's twy it again Mr. Puddy Tat!
 84   Ahhhh!  Smash!!
 85   You know, Tweety -- That's not the grip and sw
 86   Tweety -- I'll be signing autographs, so would
 87   Hey Mr. Puddy Tat -- Mr. Weggie told me to get
 88   This will cheer you up Puddy! ... You don't wo
 89   Mr. Puddy Tat -- Meet Mr. Puddy Dog. He wikes
 90   And pwactice makes perfect! Wight, Weggie?

"Seventh Inning Stretch"

 91   Back: Against which team did Nolan get his 300
 92   Back: Where did Reggie hit his 500th home run?
 93   Back: What were the most stolen bases Reggie h
 94   Back: As a member of the Texas Rangers, who di
 95   Back: How many 1-hitters has Nolan pitched?
 96   Back: In the 1977 World Series, "Mr. October"
 97   Back: What was Nolan's best strikeout season?
 98   Back: What do Reggie Jackson and Nolan Ryan ha

 99   Series 2 - Set 1 Checklist Card

"Burger Ball"

100   Back: Name the two rabbit cartoon characters d
101   Hmmm... Dis looks like a classy joint to eat a
102   Let's see... I'll have ---
103   You don't?
104   Aren't you the famous Slugger Sam who batted b
105   But you woint as good as Reggie Jackson, was y
106   I could out-hit, out-throw, and out-catch that
107   I don't have to prove nothin' to no long-eared
108   Here comes Reggie now!
109   Slugger Sam? The only Slugger Sam I knew swept
110   No no no no!! Remember we played together in t
111   If you really are Slugger Sam ---
112   Den hit dis!!
113   Back: Animator Arthur Davis was a Director in
114   And dis!! And dis!! And dis!! And dis!! And di
115   Back: The 1933 Merrie Melodie Shuffle Off to B
116   Oh yeah... Now I remember you!
117   Then I guess that proves it, Reg! Sam really w

"Chicken Wing Ding"

118   Back: Termite Terrace founders Hugh Harman and
119   I say there, boy! You can't learn great battin
120   Lucky for you, I played with the Baltimore Ori
121   I'm just a larger species of oriole!
122   This is how you bat, boy. Bat Boy -- Get it, s
123   Man -- These new rookie farm league kids just
124   Forget that Reggie Jackson video, boy, and pay
125   Okay! Put one right over the ol' plate!?
126   I know it's a strike, son!
127   I'll take another one right over the plate.
128   Swish!!  Zoom!!
129   I know! I know!! Strike two!
130   Well, you get the idea, boy -- Now you try it!
131   That boy's been watching that there Reggie Jac
132   Roll!!  Push!  Crack!!  Zoom!!  Zip!!
133   Well I'll be a southern fried corn dog!!
134   Zoom!!
135   I say there, boy -- Pass the popcorn!!

"Patch of Greens"

136   Back: Chuck Jones' Road Runner cartoons are no
137   Ready Sam?
138   If you grow them, he will pitch...
139   Dat outfield would make a great carrot patch!.
140   Where' you goin' rabbit?!
141   Ahhh!!
142   Ahhhh!!  Vrooom!!
143   Old Mac Bugs had a carrot patch! E-I-E-I-Ohhh!
144   Wit an 86,631 square foot carrot patch to plan
145   OK rabbit! It don't matter that you done dug u
146   Rumble!!  Rumble!!  Rumble!!  Rumble!!  Shake!
147   Pop!!  Rumble!!  Rumble!!  Pop!  Pop!!  Pop
148   Pop!!  Pop!!  Pop!  Rumble!!  Pop!! Pop!  Pop!
149   Back: What former Dodger did Nolan pass on the
150   Ready Sam?
151   Nolan Ryan?!
152   Back: What significance do the following numbe
153   I'd better git planting if I want Reggie Jacks

"Baseball Appreciation"

154   Back: What was special about Nolan's 100th  Ma
155   Come on Nolan!! One more out for the no-hitter
156   That Nolan! He's my man!
157   Base-thball, smatheball!! And next it'll be ba
158   Tweety -- Now that the game's over, here's a s
159   Back: In 1991, Nolan pitched an exhibition gam
160   E-e-e-w-w!! I taught I taw an autographed Nowa
161   How can anyone get ex-thited about base-thball
162   I did! I did! I did see an autogwaphed Nowan W
163   An autograped Nolan Ryan card?!
164   I must be loos-thing my mind -- Cats'th want b
165   What am I doing?! That was-th an autographed N
166   I've got to put back this-th bird and get that
167   Now, where's-th that card?
168   I got it!! I got it!!
169   Drop it! Drop it!! If I had known you liked ba
170   Go Nolan! Strike 'em out!
171   It's funny how you come to appreciate such a g

"Get Your Souvenirs"

172   Back: Name the Story Man who helped create car
173   Souvenirs! Baseball mementos! Keepsakes of Ame
174   Hello, my good fellow! May I interest you in a
175   A-a-actually, I just want a program for today'
176   O-oh boy!!
177   Here it is!! The official Reggie Jackson home
178   A h-home run every time? Th-that's re-d-d-dic.
179   Are you doubting the guarantee of this bat?
180   All right, you porcine Doubting Thomas! Follow
181   This guy needs more convincing than that dethp
182   Go ahead! Put one right over the plate!
183   Zoom!!!  Swish!!  Strike One!!
184   Zip!!  Wooosh!!  Strike Two!!
185   Poomf!!  Wooosh!!  Thoomp!!  Strike Three!!  Y
186   I don't understand it! I followed the instruct
187   Here you go, R-Reggie!
188   Wham!  Zoom!
189   G-g-gee! I guess the g-g-guarantee is only goo

"Seventh Inning Stretch"

190   Back: Entering 1991, which active pitcher had
191   Back: Can you name the 1935 Looney Tune in whi
192   Back: How many times has Nolan led the league
193   Back: How many 20-game win seasons does Nolan
194   Back: How many times has Nolan led the league
195   Back: Mel Blanc often told the story of the fi
196   Back: Daffy Duck's debut cartoon, Porky's Duck
197   Back: In one wild and wacky Bob Clampett carto
198   Series 2 - Set 2 Checklist Card



      Bugs Bunny advises Nolan
      Daffy Duck batting with Reggie
      Gossamer teaches Nolan football
      Martin the Martian, cheerleaders, and Reggie
      Roadrunner, Coyote, Nolan, and Reggie
      Speedy Gonzales zooms past Reggie
      Sylvester demonstrates pitching for Nolan
      Tasmanian Devil pitches to Reggie
      Tweety tries to wake Nolan

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 --   (Reggie Jackson, 2 different)
 --   (Nolan Ryan, 2 different)

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