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Comic Ball Series 3
   Upper Deck - 1992

Note:  Thanks much to Philip Brazina, Mark Pratt, and Walt Meder for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.16 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Dialog / Text on Card Back

"Batting Odor"

  1   Back: What number does Ken Griffey Jr. wear?
  2   Welcome to the ballpark snack business, son! O
  3   The first of which is self-defense!
  4   Bonjour, and good day! I should like to order.
  5   Here y'go, pal! Spicy tofu dog, garlic onion r
  6   Back: When Ken Griffey Jr. started the 1990 Al
  7   Pardon, monsier, but what ees happening?
  8   I'm a tryin' to watch the game!
  9   That's mah man!
 10   Avast, swab! Smack that melon!
 11   C'mon, ye landlubbers! On the count o' three..
 12   Ah... I have always wanted to partake in zeese
 13   One...
 14   Two...
 15   Peee-yewwie!
 16   What's happening? Looks like everyone in Secti
 17   Could eet be... somesing you ate?
 18   Y'know son, I'd say that boy just invented som

"Mechanical Mayhem"

 19   Back: What professional baseball team drafted
 20   Here we are junior... At the Dad-th and Son-th
 21   Firth-t, I'll teach you how to bat.
 22   Wrong! We'll use-th the pitching machine -- As
 23   I wouldn't trust that thing, myself. Why doesn
 24   Father, Mister Abbott says...
 25   This i-th the Machine Age.
 26   C'mon! Gimme a warmup! Show me some...
 27   ...Heat?!
 28   I guess'th I asked for that!
 29   My, that was a change of pace!
 30   Now a high fast ball...!
 31   Pow!
 32   Heads up! Grounders!
 33   Oh! The humiliation of it all.
 34   C'mon, junior. Take that popcorn bag off your
 35   Sylvester, are you all right?
 36   Back: What feat did Jim Abbott accomplish, tha

"Batty Practice"

 37   Back: What year was Ken Griffy Jr. drafted in?
 38   What a great day for a ball game!
 39   I don't know, Doc...
 40   First I need to pick El Bato Perfecto.
 41   Okay, baby! Put that pill right over the old p
 42   Gimme that! I'll hit first. You get out there
 43   Wow, it's Jim Abbott!
 44   Say, Jimbo, do you think you could pitch to th
 45   C'mon, c'mon. Let's see what ya got Rabbit!
 46   I got Jim Abbott.
 47   Back: When Ken Griffey Jr. made his major leag
 48   I think I need a lighter bat.
 49   When I find the right bat, I'll smake the ball
 50   There's gotta be another bat in here somewhere
 51   Ugh!
 52   Smack!
 53   Wow, that ball's outta here!
 54   You did it, Doc! You smacked it clean outta th

"To Teach His Own"

 55   Back: Who was Jim Abbott's first strikeout vic
 56   Where're we going, Henry?
 57   And you're going to sit in the stands, and wat
 58   Hey, Jim Abbott! I wanna educate my boy here,
 59   You know... Words?
 60   Okay, Son. Do you know what a fly ball is?
 61   No!!!
 62   A screwball...?
 63   No!! One more try: Can you show me a foul ball
 64   Alright... Forget balls! How about a short hop
 65   Caught leaning...?
 66   Playing pepper...? Achoo!!
 67   Cut-off man? Eeyipe!!
 68   Aww, you're hopeless! I'm gonna tell Jim Abbot
 69   That's right.
 70   I know, the... Yikes!!
 71   Where ya going, Henry?
 72   I told him he was headed for the bullpen...?

"Pacific Northwest Heights"

 73   Back: How many years did Ken Griffey Jr. play
 74   If this is Seattle, how come it ain't rainin'?
 75   Fodors
 76   Hot dawg! It's Ken and Ken! Gotta get their au
 77   I just wanted a good look at them Griffey's...
 78   Uh, oh.
 79   Upper, upper nose-bleed section... Where in ta
 80   Upper Upper Nosebleed Section
 81   Back: How many times has Ken Griffey Sr. annou
 82   enjoy the game, Doc!
 83   Go Mariners!
 84   Heh, heh.
 85   Ah, hah!
 86   Uh oh!
 87   Carrot juice! Get yer caa-rr-ott juice!
 88   Crash!  Whop!  Bop!  Bump!
 89   Holy guacamole! It's Ken Griffey and Ken Griff
 90   And all their uncles, nephews and cousins!

"Seventh Inning Stretch"

 91   Back: What was Ken Griffey Jr.'s first profess
 92   Back: How many games has Ken Griffey Jr. playe
 93   Back: Ken Griffey Jr. is one of five players d
 94   Back: "Overture--Curtain, Lights--": The well-
 95   Back: What did Jim Abbott major in at the Univ
 96   Back: How many times has Ken Griffey Sr. been
 97   Back: What is Jim Abbott's complete game recor
 98   Back: Chuck Jones' 1953 cartoon Duck Amuck fin

 99   Series 3 - Set 1 Checklist Card

"Eye on Ball"

100   Back: What did Jim Abbott win as a member of t
101   Here we are Doc...
102   I wonder if they play on artificial grass here
103   Oh, before we play any ball, you must get you
104   Listen here Bub I didn't travel 50 zillion mil
105   This is the "Bod-a-Tron 2000" physique modulat
106   Now what?!
107   Hey Marvin, hey Bugs.
108   Bugs looks like he's in pretty good shape alre
109   Oh, dear - I suppose it has been longer than t
110   As a pitcher, I always want a good defense bac
111   Keep your eye on the ball, Bugs.
112   Look! An artificial carrot!
113   You have to keep your eyes on the ball. Let's
114   It's a fly! It's a fly!
115   No! I mean a fly! A Martian fly!
116   I gotta run, Bugs, but I want to leave you wit
117   I think Jim Abbott's trying to tell me somethi

"Big Game Break Down"

118   Back: How was Jim Abbott rewarded by the U.S.
119   Welcome, Martian and Earthling type baseball f
120   As coach of the home team; do you have anythin
121   What does a Martian know about baseball, anywa
122   I do believe you are right. That is why Ken Gr
123   If it's the same DX3-dash-6A I think it is. I
124   There ya have it. Marvin's Men vs. Daffy's Mac
125   Clank  Buzz  Whrrrr
126   That looks like a modern technological trash c
127   But can it handle my fast ball?
128   I need not remind you that I've programmed the
129   Zip
130   Bzzz  Clink  Whrrr  Whack!
131   And da DX3-dash-6A hits a grand slam over da w
132   What are you doing?! You're suppose to go home
133   Yaaaaa!
134   It is my understanding that when a home run is
135   I figure, that with Earth being 49,044,370 mil

"The Winning Scheme"

136   Back: What four teams has Ken Griffey Sr. play
137   Let's see what Coach Fudd is up to, shall we?
138   I'm assembwing the gweatest gwoup of all-stars
139   Behold! I've signed up the best fwee agents, f
140   ... The Piwates...
141   ... The Bwue Jays...
142   ... The Cubs...
143   ... The Tigers...
144   ... The Dodgers...
145   ... The Astwos...
146   ... The Padwes...
147   ... and the Twins!
148   Let's see Mr. Wabbit top that!
149   Yipe...!
150   Wump!
151   You!!
152   You'd better bewieve it. And what teams have y
153   ... Da Giants!

"Every Duck Has His Day"

154   Back: What American League team has Jim Abbott
155   C'mon, Coach! Put me in the game!
156   Hmmf! The famous Jim Abbott! What does he know
157   Tell you what this game needs: Daffy Duck! And
158   Stepping up to bat for the Mariners, the one,
159   Pitching against him for the Angels is Daffy D
160   Angels outfield: Daffy Duck, Daffy Duck and Da
161   And of course, I'm your announcer: You-know-wh
162   There's the pitch! Right over the plate...
163   And, it's a hit!
164   I got it!!
165   Crash!
166   Wake up, Daffy! I'm sending you in to pinch hi
167   It's about time! Thanks Coach, you won't...
168   ... Regret it!
169   Roll!  Roll!
170   Crash!
171   Good thing this team has only one Daffy Duck!

"Base in the Hole"

172   Back: How many seasons did Ken Griffey Sr. pla
173   Watch, Clkyde. I'll show you how and when to s
174   I'm waiting for my Uncle Bugs. He's the expert
175   Outta the way! Ya don't need this galoot, nor
176   When it comes to big-league larceny, Ah'm the
177   Eat mah dust!
178   Here I am, Clyde!
179   Er... Clyde? Hmmmm...
180   Musta taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque!
181   Hey! Come back with may base!
182   Awright, I'll settle for second!
183   Slide  Pok
184   There goes third!
185   Now Uncle Bugs is headed for home!
186   Sam's going to beat Bugs home!
187   Hah! I beat y-y-ouch!!!
188   Wh-what happened to home plate?
189   You're right Clyde. Your Uncle Bugs does know

"Seventh Inning Stretch"

190   Back: What Hall of Fame baseball player was bo
191   Back: What award did the AAU (Amateur Athletes
192   Back: What was the title Sports Illustrated la
193   Back: How old was Jim Abbott when he made his
194   Back: Including 1992 Baseball, how many Upper
195   Back: When the first Woody Woodpecker cartoon,
196   Back: What position did Ken Griffey Jr. play o
197   Back: What is Ken Griffey Sr.'s career batting
198   Series 3 - Set 2 Checklist Card


Holograms (1:9 packs)

---   Taz with Jim Abbott
---   Sylvester with pie coming to his face with Ken Griffey Jr.
---   some kind of bear with Ken Griffey Sr.
---   Porky Pig sitting on Daffy with Jim Abbott
---   Yosemite Sam with Ken Griffey Jr.
---   Bugs with Chuck Jones (Looney Tunes creator)
---   Tweety with Jim Abbott
---   Coyote with Ken Griffey Jr.
---   Bugs with Ken Griffey Jr.

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)

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