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Comic Ball IV: Comic Bowl
Upper Deck - 1992

Note:  Thanks to Philip Brazina for the hologram updates!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Dialog / Text on Card Back

"Pop Goes The Martian"

  1   Back: Which Super Bowl did Jerry Rice win the
  2   There, it's so much clearer without the ozone
  3   And it wouldn't be possible without these marv
  4   Excellent! Excellent! Now, on to Earth!
  5   Bammo! Boy, I'd hate to go up against somebody
  6   Hey! Who cut the lights out!?!
  7   Eh, what's up Doc?
  8   I will play a football game against an Earthli
  9   If I win, I get the Earth.
 10   Where's the rest of your team, Mr. Marino?
 11   I can recruit you a team. But I want to be coa
 12   You will see, when I add water to these pills.
 13   ... The awesome Martian power that no Earthlin
 14   Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!
 15   Eeeeeeeee!
 16   Oooh, you make me so angry!
 17   Uh oh...
 18   This is going to be a very interesting game...

"Hang Time"

 19   Back: What three positions did Lawrence Taylor
 20   Beep beep!
 21   Tackling dummy test for Road Runner
 22   Tackling dummy costume
 23   Beep beep!
 24   Wump!  Zip!
 25   Beep beep!
 26   L.T. - phone home...
 27   Beep beep!
 28   Acme Products
 29   Acme bungee cords
 30   Back: In what season did Dan Marino set a reco
 31   Zing!
 32   Zoing!  Thwud
 33   Woosh!
 34   Pop!  Thup!
 35   Hisss  Swooosshh!
 36   That coyote has got great hands

"Run & Shout"

 37   Back: What category did thurman Thomas lead th
 38   Team, you all know Yosemite Sam. He'll be our
 39   Boys...
 40   Back: What is Thurman Thomas' longest run from
 41   Boys, our game plan is gonna be the ol' run an
 42   Get out on the field and Ah'll demonstrate. Wh
 43   Eh-he... Here, Mister Uh... Eh... Sa... Eh...
 44   Ah'll quarterback this play. Now on "five" --
 45   Can we do it on "four"? I can't count to five.
 46   When I get the ball, Ah fling it back to mah b
 47   Thurman follers me down the field as I commenc
 48   Out of mah way, ya turf-mulchin' yahoos!
 49   Ah said git -- Umph!
 50   I don't think this is going to work, Coach.
 51   We'll have to switch to the red-gun offense!
 52   That's okay. My little pal-o-mine is itchin' f
 53   Excuse me, Your Eminence.
 54   Oh Taylor! Lawrence Taylor! Ah got a lil' air

"I Get a Kick Out of You"

 55   Back: What year did Jerry Rice score 22 touchd
 56   Hewwo, folks. Welcome to the Comic Bowl!
 57   I brought my own coin tosser, if you don't min
 58   Tails.
 59   Well, Ah guess that's heads.
 60   I hope Speedy can kick. He's never tried it.
 61   But you don't hold on a kickoff.
 62   Arriba! Arriba!
 63   Speedy's too fast, we need someone else.
 64   Eggbert showed me how with his diagwam.
 65   Come on, little flying pot pie.
 66   Oops! I kick the wong thing.
 67   Hey, I tawt I taw a puddy tat!
 68   Back: How many times was Jerry Rice selected S
 69   Back: Which seasons did Jerry Rice get selecte
 70   I did! I did! I did taw a puddy tat!!
 71   There's a pile-up...
 72   Did you see any Mawtians out in space?

"Zee Smell of Victory"

 73   Back: How many touchdowns did Thurman Thomas s
 74   Hey, Taylor, check out the kitty.
 75   All she does is sleep.
 76   I love zee American futbol fans zey are so gra
 77   Zut alors! What eez thees?!?
 78   Zee cheerleader! Oooo la la!
 79   Ma chérie! You are zee flower of my life, kiss
 80   Yol! Hisssss Screeeeech!
 81   She refusez-moi! But of course! You haf to be
 82   Ah, zee huddle. Zees Americans and zeir male b
 83   Allo, mes camarades. I am here to be zee futbo
 84   It looks like the home team's going with a no-
 85   Thurman Thomas is calling an audible!?!
 86   The Martian defense is running from Thurman Th
 87   Here! Just take it!
 88   My chérie! Look, I score zee beeg touchdown!
 89   My cheerleader, she has vaneeshed.
 90   ... Were eet not for all zee agents, weeth zei

"Half Time"

 91   Back: In what Super Bowl did Dan Marino play?
 92   Back: Over the 1986-87 season, how many straig
 93   Back: In 1988, what team ended Jerry Rice's 13
 94   Back: How many pro Bowl berths has Jerry Rice
 95   Back: What year was Jerry Rice a rookie?
 96   Back: What team did Thurman Thomas rush his fi
 97   Back: What team did thurman Thomas rush his ca
 98   Back: How many sacks did Lawrence Taylor have

 99   Series 4 - Set 1 Checklist Card

"Crowd Control"

100   Back: What was Jerry Rice's longest touchdown
101   Today I'm going to get on TV and impress some
102   Hey, hey, Bub! You're horning in on my gravy t
103   Stand back. I'll show you how to drum up some
104   Bam!  Bam!  Bam!
105   Yawn
106   These fans are the worst. You think you can do
107   Yeah!  Hoot Hoot!  Wahoo!  Rah!  Go Earth!
108   Give me room! I'll get this crowd excited!
109   Noise
110   Look out!
111   Look where you're going, Bub! I'm a paying cus
112   Yes, I'm on the field... Trying to whip up a l
113   ... And are putting aforementioned crowd to sl
114   C'mon! You call yourselves fans!? The wave, fo
115   Awright!  Yea!  Yes!  Yea!  Sploosh!
116   Dat soitainly was a crowd pleaser.
117   You're des --

"Repeat Defender"

118   Back: What NFL team does Dan Marino play for?
119   There's a pass to Marvin the Mawtian.
120   Ooo, he's hit by Lawrence Taylor just as he ge
121   The wefewee says yes.
122   Uh-oh it looks, Ah say, it looks like the repl
123   The instant replay review has been eliminated
124   ... It's a live re-enactment of the last play.
125   Action!
126   L.T., let's do it again. And this time I want
127   Action.
128   Marvin, Baby, emote! I want to know your pain!
129   Bammo!
130   I want you to know my pain, Earthling.
131   Bravo!
132   L.T., take a break, Sweetheart. Let's cast aga
133   I refuse to continue with this ridiculous revi
134   Whoosh  Yank!
135   You make me sooo angry.

"Hoppin' Half Time"

136   Back: What are Thurman Thomas' three favorite
137   Welcome back to the Comic Bown halftime
138   Wadies and gentlemen, the Mawtian Mawching Ban
139   Zip!
140   Back: What card number is Jerry Rice in Upper
141   Back: In what season did Dan Marino set a reco
142   Oh, Paco. I'll have another pineapple frappé,
143   Back: What was Jerry Rice's longest touchdown
144   Back: What player overall was Dan Marino selec
145   Crash!
146   Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!
147   Now, a vewy special tweat.
148   La la lala me me meme
149   Wadies and gentlemen, Michigan J. Frog sings h
150   Back: How many times was Dan Marino sacked in
151   I gotta check this out.
152   Hey, man, it's just a frog.
153   Ridi pagliaccio

"Martian Touchdown"

154   Back: What NFL team does Thurman Thomas play f
155   Pwetty bow.
156   That makes me so angry! It's time to bring in
157   Next play, I'll give the ball to TD-XP-7. I've
158   Hike!
159   TD-XP-7
160   Zip!
161   A h-h-hold still, you little M-Martian breadbo
162   I gotcha, you little sneak!
163   Sproing!  Wap!
164   Back: What was Dan marino's single game passin
165   Snip  Snip!
166   Back: What type of playing field does Candlest
167   Back: What was Thurman Thomas' average per rus
168   Tweet! Ah say, tweet!
169   Excessive T.D. celebration! The Martians will
170   Hey! You're supposed to move them back to the
171   Well, he's a really, Ah say, a really good dan

"Gut-Check Time"

172   Back: How many Super Bowl rings has Jerry Rice
173   What a game, fowks. With thwee seconds left, t
174   The Earth team has the ball, fourth and goal,
175   Dan hits me across the middle. We score. We wi
176   I'm just three seconds from taking over Earth!
177   Poiple!?! Gentlemen, dis calls for my secret w
178   Warning! Tasmanian Devil - Do not open until b
179   Hut one. Hut two. Hut! Hut!
180   Bzzzz
181   Rawwwwrr
182   Where's da ball!
183   Oh goody! He funbled! The Earth is mine!
184   First, I'm going to order all of the cappucino
185   Wait right here, Taz.
186   Let's take a look inside.
187   Why, Ah say, theah is the bawl! Ah say, Ah say
188   Ooo, you make me so angry.
189   ... Where's dee x-ray machine?

"Half Time"

190   Back: How many rushing touchdowns does Thurman
191   Back: In what season did Thurman Thomas rush f
192   Back: How many receptions does Jerry Rice have
193   Back: What special team was Jerry Rice selecte
194   Back: How tall is Dan Marino?
195   Back: What other football league drafted Dan M
196   Back: How many career interceptions does Lawre
197   Back: How many rushing touchdowns has Dan Mari

198   Series 4 - Set 2 Checklist Card



---   Daffy Duck and Jerry Rice
---   K9 and Thurman Thomas
---   Bugs Bunny and Dan Marino
---   Yosemite Sam and Jerry Rice
---   Strangled Duck and Lawrence Taylor
---   Porky Pig and Dan Marino
---   Tasmanian Devil and Jerry Rice
---   Wile E. Coyote and Thurman Thomas
---   Sylvester and Lawrence Taylor

©2000, 2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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