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Comic Book All Stars Series 1
   ComiXology - 2016

Notes: ComiXology strives to be the equivalent to IMDb in the comic world. Cards were handed 
out individually at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con; promo codes on card backs can be redeemed for 
a free online comic. Artists with scheduled signings at the ComiXology booth are shown with 
an "s".

   No.     Artist                 Subject                     Role              Producer

     1     Brian Azzarello        American Monster            writer            AfterShock Comics
     2     Brian Michael Bendis   Powers                      writer            Marvel Comics
     3  s  Marguerite Bennett     Insexts                     writer            AfterShock Comics
     4     Amanda Connor          Painkiller Jane             artist            PaperFilms
     5  s  Katie Cook             My Little Pony              writer            IDW Publishing
     6     Kelly Sue DeConnick    Bitch Planet                writer/artist     Image Comics
     7  s  Matt Fraction          Sex Criminals               writer            Image Comics
     8  s  Kieron Gillen          The Wicked + The Divine     writer            Image Comics
     9  s  Simon Hanselmann       Megahex                     writer/artist     Fantagraphics Books
    10     Jaime Hernandez        Love and Rockets            writer/artist     Fantagraphics Books
    11     Gilbert Hernandez      Love and Rockets            writer/artist     Fantagraphics Books
    12     Jody Houser            Faith                       writer            Valiant Entertainment
    13     Robert Kirkman         The Walking Dead Outcast    writer            Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment
    14  s  Hope Larson            Goldie Vance                writer            BOOM! Studios
    15  s  Tula Lotay             Supreme Blue Rose           artist            Image Comics
    16     Jeff Lemire            Descender                   writer            Image Comics
    17  s  Shawn Martinbrough     Thief Of Thieves            artist            Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment
    18  s  Jamie McKelvie         The Wicked + The Divine     artist            Image Comics
    19     Mike Mignola           Hellboy                     writer/artist     Dark Horse Comics
    20     Dustin Nguyen          Descender                   artist            Image Comics
    21  s  Tsutomu Nihei          Kn ights Of Sidonia         writer/artist     Kodansha Comics
    22  s  Stan Sakai             Usagi Yojimbo               writer/artist     Dark Horse Comics
    23     Scott Snyder           Batman                      writer            DC Comics
    24     Babs Tarr              Batgirl                     artist            DC Comics
    25  s  G. Willow Wilson       Ms. Marvel                  writer            Marvel Comics
    26  s  Gene Luen Yang         The New Euperman            writer/artist     DC Comics

    --   Comic Book All Stars / Artist Checklist

    --   You!                     Introducing Comixology Unlimited (oversized promo)

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