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Comics FutureStars 1993
   Majestic Entertainment - 1993

Notes: Promo cards were published for Series 2, which was never issued. The
Ashcans were also used as promos for the Legacy series. Thanks much to Dewayne 
Bond, Sean Wright, and Brian Duensing for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 3.15 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                       Artist / Type

  1   Optica                      Dan Lawlis
  2   Legacy                      Dan Lawlis
  3   Hydro                       Brian McGovern
  4   Hackisack                   Rachel Ketchum
  5   Epiphany                    Rachel Ketchum
  6   The Blue Demons             John Christian Estes
  7   Free-Lancer                 Shea Anton Pens
  8   The Posse                   Paul Lee
  9   Chrome                      Scott Jackson
 10   Lynch                       Wayne Losey
 11   Gabriel                     Lionel Talaro
 12   Dr. Ptolemy                 John Clapp
 13   Tau                         Sandra Chang
 14   Kunoichi                    Larry Welch
 15   Stealth Microchip Monkeys   Mike Lemos
 16   Potato Man                  Steve Carr & Deryl Skelton
 17   Lunatech                    James Dean Pascoe
 18   Glory                       Lea Hernandez
 19   Cademous Zark               Dan Lawlis
 20   Wonder                      Greg Simanson
 21   Styx                        John Stanisci
 22   Mr. Fist                    Richard Case
 23   Twilight                    David Antoine Williams
 24   Weathertamer                David Antoine Williams
 25   Triphammer                  Mike Jones
 26   Passion Assassin            Mike Jones
 27   Animus                      Stan Woch
 28   Spectrum 1                  David Antoine Williams
 29   Spectrum 2                  David Antoine Williams
 30   Flashpoint                  Jim Higgins
 31   Versus                      Mark Miraglia
 32   Dominoe                     Craig Brasfield
 33   Vagabond                    Rodney Gates
 34   Virtue                      Ngiha Lam
 35   Kasey Venus                 Jeff Parker
 36   Rankar Vuul                 Doug Heinlein
 37   Quinn Zybane                Doug Heinlein
 38   Night Justice               Jonathan Daryl Rash
 39   Rebecca Harlock             Craig Gilmore
 40   Codename: Jericho           Rick Forgus
 41   Big Guns                    Phillip Hester
 42   Threshold                   Stephen B. Jones
 43   Gridlok                     Stephen B. Jones
 44   Echo                        S. David Lee
 45   Sebastian Sok               Justin Norman
 46   Squire                      Ken Hooper
 47   Pharisee                    Ken Hooper
 48   Pyromaniac                  Scott Tolson
 49   The Rider                   Christopher Schenck
 50   The Twist                   Christopher Schenck
 51   Razor                       Tom Simonton
 52   Texoma Red                  Tom Simonton
 53   Volcanic Man                Nathan Simonton
 54   The Cure                    Bill Marimon
 55   Eliminator                  Pav Kovacic
 56   Lady Zero                   Andrew Pepoy
 57   Feral                       Ken Meyer Jr.
 58   Gutter                      Chuck Wojtkiewicz
 59   Silencer                    Kyle Hotz
 60   Phantasm                    Kyle Hotz
 61   Dragon Head                 Dale Berry
 62   War Trip                    Mike Mayhew
 63   August                      Scott Rosema
 64   Hurlent                     Russell Miller
 65   Clodia                      Scott Pentzer
 66   Prince Fergus               Dennis Cramer
 67   Maelstrom & Seizure         Terry Dodson
 68   Mortis                      Warren Martineck
 69   Lynx                        Andy Price
 70   Nanoman                     Jeremie Johnson
 71   Kickstart                   Jeff Albrecht
 72   Arsenault                   Les White
 73   Razer                       Nick Napolitano
 74   Death Grip                  Jim Callahan
 75   Danger-Boy                  Kirk Jarvinen
 76   Man-X                       David Ammerman
 77   Tonk                        Phillip Hester
 78   Notch 56 & Rotterdam        Frank Gomez
 79   Riktus & Fraktal            Eric Vincent
 80   Kallus                      Brad Vancata
 81   Ruffnek                     J. B. Bonivert
 82   Dellego                     Dan Schaffer
 83   Volt                        Al Bigley
 84   The Astomatic Man           Batton Lash
 85   Radius                      Ellis Goodson
 86   Alpha Nova                  Andrew Smith
 87   Jurney                      Dan Schaffer
 88   Matrix                      Randy Clark
 89   Stage                       C. Michael Patrick
 90   Kabuki                      David Mack
 91   Death Mark                  Frank Turner
 92   The Talon                   Ben Herrera
 93   Crimson Steel               Chuck Von Schaaf
 94   Thunder God                 John Statema
 95   Zora                        Brian Michael Bendis
 96   Tempest 7                   Roger Robinson
 97   Foxglove                    Robert Chang
 98   Bonus [Exchange Card]
 99   Join the FutureStars [Submission Card]
100   Checklist


Star Players Cards (1:7 packs)

SP1   Pixie                       Dan Brereton
SP2   Shallot-Head: Man of Shame  Rick Geary
SP3   Drako                       Val Mayerik
SP4   Jarod                       E. Silas Smith
SP5   Annie Ammo                  Richard Case

Most Valuable Player Card

MVP   Snake                       Dan Lawlis

Hot Pick Cards (1:18 packs)

HP1   Treason                     Shea Anton Pensa
HP2   Turbulence                  Frank Gomez
HP3   Watchdog                    Dario Carrasco, Jr.
HP4   Bullitt                     Kirk Jarvinen
HP5   ironhorse                   Phillip Hester
HP6   Dr. Raven                   Lionel Talaro
HP7   The Point Man               Randy Clark
HP8   Gai-Jin                     David Ammerman

Legacy #0 Ashcan Cards (1:18 packs)

  1   Once Upon A Time A Hero Appeared on Earth
  2   The things he could do were fantastic, and he pledged to be our protector...
  3   ...... and so he was named
  4   It took us a while... There were quite a few skeptics...
  5   ... But over the years we came to accept this Protector,
  6   Then the impossible happened. The protector died.
  7   The Protector knew he had changed this world.
  8   In the days before his death he chose a replacement ...
  9   So, In His Final Days, The Protector Empowered Hundreds of People. ...

Autographed Card

MVP   Snake                       Dan Lawlis

Uncut Sheet

---  (100-card panel)


Artist Photos on Back (dealers; 3-card cello pack)

 P1   Turbulence                  Frank Gomez
 P2   Treason                     Shea Anton Pensa
 P3   Gai-Jin                     David Ammerman

White Border "Prototype" (general distribution)

 P1   Bullitt                     Kirk Jarvinen
 P2   Arsenault                   Les White
 P3   Razer                       Nick Napolitano

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