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Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Comics Group)
Topps - 1975

Notes:  Stickers and checklist cards can be found with two different types of
cardboard.  "Variation 1" has a thin white cardboard backing, while "Variation 
2" stickers have an tan paper backing. Both are found with either "*" or "**" 
markings near the copyright. Checklists feature either dull-colored text.

Some people believe that one of these set variations was intended as a market 
test with limited distribution, followed by more printing for a wider market. 
But opinions vary on which one; stickers of the two varieties are relatively 
similar in quantities.  So beware, if you are trying to fill an incomplete set, to 
specify the variation you seek. I have seen "sets" that include only 40 character 
stickers plus the checklists, omitting the two character stickers with alternate 
titles. Note that there are other variations, mostly for placement or style of the 
copyright markings, and undoubtedly there are others that haven't been reported.

All observed checklist cards have an error with "Hulk-2" listed twice and no 
"Hulk-1." If there are variation cards that corrected the mistake, please tell.

Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the variation/test set information and titles,
to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the clue-in on the alternate titles, to Mollie 
for adding to the lore of the asterisks, and to Richard Law Orloski for tracking 
down a lot of the variation info!

Hero/Villain                     Title/Caption


The Falcon                       You Bet Your Bird!
The Thing - 1                    It's Clobberin' Time!
Frankenstein's Monster           Maybe It's My Breath!
Shang-Li, Kung Fu                All Aspirin Is Not Alike!
Dr. Strange                      Darn Those House Calls!
Dracula - 1                      Sure Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Juice!
Human Torch - 1                  Tan....Don't Burn!
Daredevil                        Badness Makes Me Red!
Iron Man                         Fight Rust!
Werewolf                         Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure!
Thor - 1                         Support Your Local Thunder-God!
Sub-Mariner                      Don't Pollute My Waters!
    [2 markings: copyright at top or at bottom]
Hawkeye                          Annie Oakley I Ain't!

Captain Marvel                   Fly the friendly skies of United!
    [2 alternate titles]         Which way to the John?
Ghost Rider                      Peter Fonda Look Out!
The Living Mummy                 Which Hand Has The M&M's?
Morbius, Living Vampire          Which Way To The Blood Bank?
Ka-Zar                           Be Kind To Animals...Or Else!
    [2 markings: copyright on single line or stacked]
Spider-Man - 1                   Who'd You Expect? Little Miss Muffet?
Captain America - 1              I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy!
Conan                            Trick Or Treat!
Kull                             These Pants Don't Fit!
Dr. Doom                         I'm Dressed To Kill!
The Son of Satan                 The Devil Made Me Do It!

Spider-Man - 2                   You drive me up a wall!
    [2 alternate titles]         Bug off!  

Dracula - 2                      Flying Drives Me Bats!
Human Torch - 2                  When You're Hot, You're Hot!
Thor - 2                         Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?
Hulk - 1                         Who Stole My Right Guard?
The Thing - 2                    I'm Going To Pieces!
Captain America - 2              Look, Ma, No Cavities 
Dr. Octopus                      I'm Just A Well Armed Crook!
The Valkyrie                     Support Women's Lib!
Mr. Fantastic                    I'm The Long Arm Of The Law!
Medusa                           Darn That Cheap Hairspray!
Black Widow                      I'm Natasha Fly Me To Miami!
Iron Fist                        Kung Fooey
Man-Thing                        I Dropped The Soap In The Shower!
Hulk - 2                         Green Power!
Luke Cage                        I Was A 98lb. Weakling!

Fantastic Four Puzzle/Checklist Cards

top left puzzle piece
top center puzzle piece
top right puzzle piece
middle left puzzle piece
center puzzle piece
middle right puzzle piece
bottom left puzzle piece
    [2 markings: copyright on card front or no copyright]
bottom center puzzle piece
bottom right puzzle piece

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