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Commando-Ranger (Pictograms)
   W. H. Brady - 1945

Notes:  ACC reference number R34. Cards are found with either a gray or a (less-
common) cream back color. The series was followed by the "Allies in Action" set.

 No.    Title

CR-1    Landing at Dieppe
CR-2    Tank-Plane Teamwork
CR-3    Blasting Rail Lines
CR-4    Terror Stalks Thru Tropics
CR-5    Air Umbrella over Channel
CR-6    Anti-Tank Gun Gets Enemy Tank
CR-7    Snow Suited Snipers
CR-8    Face Black-out Before Raid
CR-9    Strangling Enemy Sentry
CR-10   Tank Leaves Landing Barge
CR-11   Accurate Anti-Aircaft Duel
CR-12   Walkie-Talkie Communications
CR-13   Blasting Bridge to Bits
CR-14   Tank and Cycle-Mounted Units
CR-15   Capturing Enemy Defender
CR-16   Laying Down Smoke Screen
CR-17   Dropping Down on Rifleman
CR-18   Tank-Flanked Jeeps Forge Forward
CR-19   Blasting Ports and Harbors
CR-20   Axis Tank in Tank Trap
CR-21   Building Timber-Base Tank Trap
CR-22   Detecting Enemy Soft Spots
CR-23   Courageous Lieut. Col. Raff
CR-24   Capturing Enemy General
CR-25   The Spill of Death
CR-26   Daring Daylight Dogfights
CR-27   Silent Secret Signals
CR-28   Support under, on and Above
CR-29   Tank-Destroyer Scores Direct Hit
CR-30   Camouflaged Advance
CR-31   Armored-Car Annihilates Nazis
CR-32   Marksman Picks off Sniper
CR-33   AA Gunners Bagging Bombers
CR-34   Amphibian Invasion Tank
CR-35   Hand-to-Hand Combat
CR-36   Gas-Coats Guard Grenadiers
CR-37   Carnage And Havoc In The Harbor
CR-38   Paratroops Support Ground Troops
CR-39   Carrier Based Plane Support
CR-40   Blue Bursts from Battleships
CR-41   Fierce Fire From Fox-Holes
CR-42   Flame Throwers Searing Enemy
CR-43   Mile-A-Minute Mosquito Boat
CR-44   Overpowering Jap Sub Crew
CR-45   Heavy Tank Support
CR-46   AA Guns Guard Invasion Fleet
CR-47   Double Quick Cable Crossing
CR-48   Helpless Hitlerite In Head-Hold
CR-49   Cycle Corp Courier Command
CR-50   Hand Grenade Explosions
CR-51   Paratrooper Plunges thru Space
CR-52   We Wield Weapons Well
CR-53   Vital Dive Bomber Support
CR-54   Camouflaged Gun Emplacement
CR-55   Machine Gunning Enemy
CR-56   Torpedo Plane Plasters Port
CR-57   Dive Bombing Nazi Navy
CR-58   Tin-Boat Slips Torpedo
CR-59   Mobile Cannon Dealing Death
CR-60   Invasion Barge Fleet
CR-61   Hitler The Hater
CR-62   Rope Bridge Over Stream
CR-63   Beating-Up Axis Bullies
CR-64   Cargoliner Rendezvous
CR-65   Bitter Bayonet Struggle
CR-66   Turret-Tank Shielding Sappers
CR-67   Greenhouse-Gun Peppers Pursuers
CR-68   Cutting Hidden Barb-wire
CR-69   Invaders Board Troop Transport
CR-70   Dog Heroes In Action

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