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Conan Collector Cards (All-Chromium Series I)
Comic Images - 1993

Notes:  A full parallel set of HoloChromes was produced and distributed one
card per box. The "major" color-variation cards that are considered to be part 
of a 100-card set are: 37 44 51 58 62 64 65 67 69 82.  When I describe the 
variations, the color for the front generally refers to the top, be it sky or interior 
air. The second one listed is the description given by Comic Images, so I won't 
argue by making my own choices from the color wheel!

This was really printed as a 100-card set, with each version of the variations
just as common as the other cards. Because each card could have been found 
on more than one printing plate, and ink-mixing could have varied across the 
production run, you might find a "color variation" that is as different from 
another copy as the ones mentioned above. But those 10 are the ones that 
Comic Images confirmed were printed twice as often as the other cards. It 
gets even more interesting because you might identify more than two varieties 
for some of those cards, because the card fronts and backs were different, 
and "front a" could be found with either "back a" or "back b" (or, even with  
a "back c").

Thanks much to Fred Leemhuis for describing the Prism cards, to Don Wood 
for correcting a handful of my errors, to Jim Goodwin; LMA; and Steve 
Kavalecs for tracking down a way to describe the variation for the infamous 
card #37; and to Bryan McKinney, Dave Kissell, and Eric Padget for 

Box: 36 packs of 7 chromium cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                             Artist

  1   Savage Sword #114                 Steve Hickman
  2   Road of Kings (paperback)         Les Edwards
  3   Savage Sword #136                 Doug Beekman
  4   Savage Sword #126                 Doug Beekman
  5   Savage Sword #111                 Steve Hickman
  6   Savage Sword (future issue)       Julie Bell
  7   Conan The Liberator (paperback)   Les Edwards
  8   Savage Sword #212                 Julie Bell
  9   Savage Sword #43                  Bob Larkin
 10   Savage Sword #42                  Bob Larkin
 11   Savage Sword #27                  Bob Larkin
 12   Savage Sword #82                  Bob Larkin
 13   Savage Sword #94                  Val Mayerik
 14   Savage Sword #87                  John Pound
 15   Savage Sword #26                  Jim Starlin
 16   Savage Sword #67                  Romas Kukalis
 17   Savage Sword #11                  Ken Barr
 18   Savage Sword #13                  Richard Hescox
 19   Savage Tales #3                   Pablo Marcos
 20   Savage Sword #6                   Nino & Magsino
 21   Savage Sword #49                  Nestor Redondo
 22   Savage Sword #52                  Nestor Redondo
 23   Conan Saga #2                     B. Windsor-Smith
 24   Savage Sword #56                  Nestor Redondo
 25   Savage Sword #76                  Joe Chiodo
 26   Savage Sword #84                  Joe Chiodo
 27   Savage Sword #1                   Boris Vallejo
 28   Savage Sword #88                  Steve Hickman
 29   Savage Sword #9                   Boris Vallejo
 30   Savage Sword #12                  Boris Vallejo
 31   Savage Sword #15                  Boris Vallejo
 32   Savage Sword #7                   Boris Vallejo
 33   Savage Sword #35                  Ernie Chan
 34   Savage Sword #34                  Ernie Chan
 35   Savage Sword #29                  Ernie Chan
 36   Savage Sword #53                  Earl Norem
 37*  Savage Sword #81                  Joe Chiodo
        [engraving on girl's arm and leg on top/left; engraving on bottom/right]
 38   Savage Sword #73                  Joe Chiodo
 39   Savage Sword #79                  Joe Chiodo
 40   Savage Sword #71                  Joe Chiodo
 41   Savage Sword #50                  Nestor Redondo
 42   Savage Sword #48                  Nestor Redondo
 43   Savage Sword #45                  Nestor Redondo
 44*  Savage Sword #57                  Nestor Redondo
        [red front blue back; yellow front purple back]
 45   Savage Sword #54                  Earl Norem
 46   Savage Sword #51                  Earl Norem
 47   Savage Sword #36                  Earl Norem
 48   Savage Sword #110                 Earl Norem
 49   Savage Sword #129                 Doug Beekman
 50   Savage Sword #14                  Earl Norem
 51*  Savage Sword #39                  Earl Norem
        [tan front red back; silver front green back]
 52   Savage Sword #55                  Earl Norem
 53   Savage Sword #127                 Peter Manko
 54   Savage Sword #83                  Jeff Easley
 55   Savage Sword #105                 Michael Golden
 56   Savage Sword #97                  Gaetano Liberatore
 57   Savage Sword #30                  Frank Brunner
 58*  Savage Sword #18                  Dan Adkins
        [green front red back; purple front green back; purple front red back]
 59   Savage Sword #59                  Clyde Caldwell
 60   Savage Sword #19                  Kenneth Morris
 61   Savage Sword #91                  M. W. Kaluta
 62*  Savage Sword #93                  M. W. Kaluta
        [purple front red back; mirror front purple back]
 63   Savage Sword #31                  Howard Chaykin
 64*  Savage Sword #22                  Val Mayerik
        [purple front green back; taupe front green back]
 65*  Conan The Unconquered             Les Edwards - Paperback
        [blue front green back; tan front green back]
 66   Savage Sword #89                  Bob Larkin
 67*  Savage Sword #147                 Joe Jusko
        [blue front; grey front red back]
 68   Savage Sword #131                 Joe Jusko
 69*  Savage Sword #159                 Joe Jusko
        [red front green back; black front purple back; blue front red back]
 70   Conan Saga #3                     B. Windsor-Smith
 71   Savage Sword #132                 Joe Jusko
 72   Savage Sword #28                  Earl Norem
 73   Savage Sword #144                 Joe Jusko
 74   Savage Sword #154                 Joe Jusko
 75   Savage Sword #156                 Joe Jusko
 76   Savage Sword #113                 Earl Norem
 77   Conan The Barbarian               Casaro - Movie Adaptation
 78   Savage Sword #125                 Thomas Kidd
 79   Savage Sword #157                 Dorian Vallejo
 80   Savage Sword #119                 Ernie Chan
 81   Savage Sword #140                 Joe Jusko
 82*  Savage Sword #139                 Joe Jusko
        [red front green back; black front green back]
 83   Savage Sword #123                 Ernie Chan
 84   Savage Sword #134                 Joe Jusko
 85   Savage Sword #122                 Ernie Chan
 86   Conan Paperback Cover #1          Julie Bell
 87   Conan Paperback Cover #2          Julie Bell
 88   Savage Sword #96                  Joe Jusko
 89   Savage Sword #108                 Joe Jusko
 90   Checklist


Prism Cards (1:16 packs)
Note: These cards are printed as copyrighted 1993 by Hasbro, Incl, while the main set
is copyrighted by Conan Properties, Inc.

 P1   The Valley of Howling Shadows     Joe Jusko (1985, cover for Savage Sword of Conan #118)
 P2   Daughter of The God King          Joe Chiodo (Cover for Savage Sword of Conan #85)
 P3   Conan the Conqueror               Boris Vallejo (Cover for Savage Sword of Conan #10)
 P4   The Treasure of Tranicos          Earl Norem (Cover for Savage Sword of Conan #47)
 P5   The Star of Khorala               Bob Larkin (1979, over for Savage Sword of Conan #44)
 P6   The Iron Lions of the Kharamun    Bill Sienkiewicz (1983, cover for Savage Sword of Conan #102)

Uncut Sheet

 --   (Mini-press sheet)


 ---  Conan Collector Cards (Unnunbered; art by Joe Jusko)
 ---  Conan Collector Cards (Refractor; otherwise same as above)
 ---  All Chromium Conan (Dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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