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Concrete Watercolors
Dark Horse - 1996

Notes:  It's tough to decide whether to place some sets in the "art" sections or
in the "comics" section. Sometimes the decision depends on whether the set
focuses on a specific character or series, or is representative of an artist's entire
portfolio. This set features watercolors by Paul Chadwick depicting his most
memorable character, and was originally issued as a complete set.

No.   Title

  1   Cathedral Grove
  2   Approach Bearing Pizza
  3   I Like My Quiet Life
  4   Green Fire
  5   Sea Anemones
  6   Runaway Van
  7   Shattered Sculpture
  8   Throwing the Stump
  9   Into Puget Sound
 10   Undersea Trek
 11   Shotgun Blast
 12   A Rotting Zodiac
 13   Dawn Near Sidney
 14   Hitching a Ride
 15   A Bird as Big as Night
 16   It's Technology, Stupid
 17   Planning Session
 18   Monkeywrenching
 19   Who Needs a Skidder?
 20   The Sasquatch Hoax
 21   Bend in the River
 22   Doré Trees
 23   Concrete Furioso
 24   As Evening Falls
 25   The Furtive Sound
 26   The Waterfall
 27   The White Room
 28   Former Bodies
 29   Above Owl Lake
 30   Falling to the Water
 31   Winter
 32   Crescent Moon
 33   Alpine Sunset
 34   Through the Snow
 35   Still Waters
 36   Pensive Moment
 37   The Still Pond
 38   Patches of Light and Darkness
 39   The Blocks
 40   Gothic
 41   On the Moon
 42   Mucha
 43   Thing on the Couch
 44   The Blanket
 45   Stacked Boulders
 46   Ancient Lions
 47   The Arches
 48   Easter Island
 49   Acceptance
 50   Charm Offensive

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