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Congo The Movie
Upper Deck - 1995

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.17 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                Type

 1    Congo - The Movie
 2    In Search of a Legend
 3    Peter and Amy
 4    Show and Tell
 5    A Tough Decision
 6    Herkermer Saves the Day
 7    Eureka!
 8    Mum's the Word
 9    The Pool of Zinj
10    Zinj Courtyard
11    Devastated Campsite
12    Deadly Visitor
13    Cash Flow Problem
14    Airborne Banter
15    The Provider
16    Kelly at Your Service
17    Monroe Takes Over
18    Arrested
19    Innocents Interrogated
20    Negotiating Passage
21    Kelly's Right-Hand Man
22    Getting the Lowdown
23    Fully Loaded Aircraft
24    The Expedition
25    Rocket Attack
26    Abandon Ship
27    Next Stop - Barawana
28    Barawana Pact
29    A Fireside Chat
30    Expedition Update
31    A Rough Road Ahead
32    Meeting the Mizumu
33    Scared to Death
34    Dangerous Waters
35    Hippos Don't Attack at Night
36    Fighting for Their Lives
37    Returning to a Landmark
38    Almost Home
39    Another Failed Attempt
40    Peter Confronts a Silverback
41    Lost City of Zinj
42    Entering the Lost City
43    The Legend Is True
44    Monster Autopsy
45    First Line of Defense
46    Camp under Siege
47    Attack Repulsed
48    Earth-Shaking News
49    Heard But Not Seen
50    We Are Watching
51    Arena of Riches
52    Homolka's Treasure
53    Attack of the Protectors
54    Guardians of Doom
55    Grisly Discovery
56    Amy the Defender
57    Laser Technology
58    Monroe to the Rescue
59    The Final Fall of Zinj
60    Final Gift of Love
61    Farewell to a Friend
62    Dylan Walsh as Peter Elliott         Featured Stars
63    Laura Linney as Karen Ross           Featured Stars
64    Ernie Hudson as Monroe Kelly         Featured Stars
65    Tim Curry as Herkermer Homolka       Featured Stars
66    Grant Heslov as Richard              Featured Stars
67    Director Frank Marshall              Featured Stars
68    Joe Don Baker as R. B. Travis        Featured Stars
69    Adewale' Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Kahega  Featured Stars
70    Producer Kathleen Kennedy            Featured Stars
71    Building Zinj                        Behind the Scenes
72    Insightful Direction                 Behind the Scenes
73    More than a Job                      Behind the Scenes
74    Hot Commodity                        Behind the Scenes
75    Behind the Scenes                    Behind the Scenes
76    Location - Travicom                  Behind the Scenes
77    Mechanical F/X                       Behind the Scenes
78    Art of Makeup                        Behind the Scenes
79    Real or Fake Gorillas                Behind the Scenes
80    Man behind the Doctor                Behind the Scenes
--    The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
82    Amy's Emotions                       Amy
83    The Legend Continues                 Amy
84    Hippo Doctor                         Amy
85    Sign Language                        Amy
86    Real Monkeys                         Amy
87    The Silverbacks                      Amy
88    The Grays                            Amy
89    Mutants                              Amy
90    Checklist                            Amy


Action F/X Foil Cards (1:12 packs)

CF1   For ex-CIA Agent Dr. Karen Ross (Laura Linney)
CF2   With the defensive perimeter in place the camp
CF3   The final resting place of Charles Travis is deep
CF4   The attacking gray gorilla continues relentlessly
CF5   The laptop computer used by Karen Ross
CF6   The guardians of the fabled King Solomon's Mines


PR1   (Half of gorilla face; dealer promo)
PR2   (Same image as above; dealers and Collect!)

©2000, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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