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Continuity Comics Promo Series
Continuity Comics - 1993

Notes:  Considered a 29-card set,  cards were inserted randomly in various 
issues of Continuity Comics. Holofoil cards 12 and 13 are considered as promo 
chase cards. Thanks much to Uschi Lohnes for the list!

No.   Title                           Artist(s)

  1   Ms. Mystic                      Adam Hughes
  2   Armor                           Kevin Nowlan
  3   Silver Streak                         
  4   Crazyman
  5   Meglith
  6   Cyberrad                        Joe Bennett
  7   Fyre
  8   Watr                            Neal Adams
  9   Urth
 10   Ayre
 11   Samuree
 12   Valeria the She-Bat (1:25)      Neal Adams
 13   Shaman (1:50 comics)
 14   Horror
 15   Highperion                      Aron Wiesenfeld
 16   Spanng Ting
 17   Shealth
 18   Gymcrack                        Aron Wiesenfeld
 19   Cyclone
 20   Mite                            Aron Wiesenfeld
 21   Devilspawn
 22   She-Bat II
 23   Firebat
 24   Hellheart
 25   Hellfire
 26   Void
 27   Rem
 28   Leper                           Joe Bennett
 29   Dragon

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