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Cool Coral Reefs
   Subway - 1995

Notes: Cards were distributed in Subway Kids' Paks and show the Subway 
logo, artwork on card fronts, and artwork and info on backs. They were 
packaged with four different "Inflatable Tropical Fish... For Water Fun!" 
I first thought these should be associated with Finding Nemo, but the film 
came out eight years later. Thanks to Cecil Duncan for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Queen Angelfish
  2   Clownfish Lionfish
  3   Flame 
  4   Moorish Idol
  5   Cool Coral Reefs
  6   Flame Angelfish, Staghorn Coral
  7   Moorish Idol, Brain Coral
  8   Clownfish, Sea Sponges
  9   Queen Angelfish, Sea Fan
 10   Angelfish
 11    ??

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