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Cops and Robbers
   Fleer - 1930s

Notes: The 2-3/8" x 2-15/16" cards were each attached at a perforation to a 1-9/16" x 
2-3/8" "Evidence Tab": "Mail us 35 different evidence cards and you will receive a 
commission as an amateur detective with our official detective badge. Keep pictures. 
Send us evidence only."

Subsets feature one cop who is pursuing six robbers. Each card was found with five 
different variants of color tints over the monochrome artwork. American Card Catalog 
reference is R36. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Cop / Robber                                           Subtitle

  1   Ranger Colt                                            is hot on the trail of ...
  2      Rough House Hogan (Alias Kleig Eye Charlie)
  3      Pinto Pete (Alias Al-Falfa)
  4      Slow Motion Smith (Alias Dope)
  5      Bunco Bertie (Alias The Cheat)
  6      Shifty Sam (Alias Specs)
  7      Benny Gray (Alias The Dodger)

  8   Chief Inspector Kennedy                                has his force looking for ...
  9      Bruiser Bill (Alias The Sea Wolf)
 10      Terry the Terror (Alias Tangletalk)
 11      Rudolph Razzberry (Alias Toothy Ted)
 12      Dapper Dan Dugan (Alias The Prince)
 13      Cuthbert Dimwit (Alias The Shoppe Lifter)
 14      Bertie Bohunk (Alias Maple Syrup)

 15   Constable Corntassel                                   will get these men, by heck! ...
 16      Hijack Herbie (Alias The Scooter Bandit)
 17      Stove Pipe Steve (Alias The Demon Diamond Bandit)
 18      Rube Riley (Alias The Clodbuster)
 19      Beau-Zo (Alias Fifty-Fifty)
 20      Hihat Hector (Alias Skinflint)
 21      Schemer Snitch (Alias Sauer-Kraut Heine)

 22   Marshal Dangerfield                                    will round up ...
 23      Dixie Dan (Alias Handlebar Hank)
 24      Gaston the Gorilla(Alias Frenchy the Fox)
 25      Dead Eye Dick (Alias Handsome)
 26      Nosey Nertz (Alias The Rascal)
 27      Nick the Necker (Alias The Playboy)
 28      Big Shot Connolley (Alias The Mug)

 29   Inspector Smart                                        Scotland Yard counts on him to capture ...
 30      Black Hand Tony (Alias The Bambino)
 31      Admiral Bilgewater (Alias Hit the Deck)
 32      Mustapha Bath (Alias The Terrible Turk)
 33      Hong Kong Wow (Alias Hu Flung Chow)
 34      Wolf Masterson (Alias The Gypsy)
 35      Ivan Awfulbush (Alias The Professor)

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