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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Artbox/Ensky - 2005

Note: The series was originally marketed for Japan, and 200 cases were produced 
for North America with limited English text.

Box: 15 packs of 7 silver-foil cards + 1 gold foil. 16 boxes/case.
Common sets (45): approx. 2.33 per box if collation were perfect.
Gold-foil sets (18): approximately 0.83 per box.

No.   Scene

Silver Foil Cards (7:pack)

 01   Emily with nosegay
 02   Victor offers bone to Emily
 03   Victor plays piano for Emily
 04   Victor finds hand in snow
 05   Hand grabs Victor's wrist
 06   Emily shows gown
 07   Victor writes
 08   Victor picks up piano bench
 09   Victor lights candle
 10   Victoria peers through door
 11   Black Widow and Maggot
 12   Scraps with Emily and Victor
 13   Scraps offers leash
 14   Elder Gutknecht
 15   Bonejangles emotes
 16   Nell and William Van Dort
 17   Finis Everglot
 18   Emil and Hildegarde
 19   Emily with flowing veil
 20   Emily and Victor talk
 21   Victor ponders twig
 22   Victoria hears Victor at window
 23   Mrs. Plum with Victoria and Victor
 24   Victor and Victoria startled
 25   Victoria and Victor at stairway
 26   Galswells and woman
 27   Pastor Galswells
 28   Emil and friend
 29   Coffin storeroom
 30   Barkis Bittern
 31   Mayhew and Nell
 32   Finis and Maudeline
 33   Barkis and Finis
 34   Bride sitting on coffin
 35   Scrap visits Bride
 36   Bride and Victor with books
 37   Bonejangles leads revue
 38   Peeking out
 39   Butcher and fishmonger
 40   Paul, the Head Waiter
 41   Scrap and Victor
 42   Victor at piano
 43   William, Nell, and Victor
 44   Town Crier
 45   William Van Dort

Gold Foil Cards (1:pack)

 46   Emily
 47   ?
 48   Victor
 49   ?
 50   Bonejangles
 51   Anatomical suit
 52   General Bonesapart and the Cannonball General
 53   Black Widow and Maggot
 54   Kitchen skeletons
 55   Emily and Victor
 56   Emily reaching out left hand
 57   Victor looking up
 58   Victoria in long dress
 59   The Zombie Lady and the Dead Bird Lady
 60   Mayhew
 61   Skeleton gentleman
 62   The Skeleton Children
 63   ?

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