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Webble Cosplay Series 1
   Webble - 2013

Notes: 2500 of each card were produced; they are often described as promos because 
they were distributed individually at shows, especially at the 2013 Stan Lee Comikaze. 
Photography is credited to Colin Smith, with body painting by Lisa Berczel and Lee 
Kohse. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the assist!

 No.   Player

   1   Jessie Pridemore as Battle Angel Alita
   2   Abby Dark-Star as Black Widow
   3   Angi Viper as Madame Hydra
   4   Damefatale as Gem
   5   Belle Chere as Lady Death
   6   AZ Powergirl as Powergirl
   7   Heather C. Harris as Apocalyptic Show White
   8   Holly Brooke as Morrigan
   9   Marie Doll as M. Bison
  10   Spicy-Seasoning as Paine
  11   RikkuX as Harley Quinn
  12   Rosanna Rocha
  13   LeeAnna Vamp as lara Croft
  14   Wind of the Stars as Aela the Huntress
  15   LaLa as Domino
  16   Stella Chuu as Inori Yuzuriha
  17   Jenna Thunder as Ms Captain America
  18   Uxi as Granado Espada Fighter
  19   Danielle Beaulieu as Taric
  20   Shea Standefer as Jaina Solo
  21   BinkX as Odette

  CL   Webble Cosplay Series 1

Cospaint Cards

 CP1   AZ Powergirl as Binary
 CP2   Rosanna Rocha as Mystique
 CP3   Jessie Pridemore as Aigis
 CP4   Shea Standefer as Darth Talon
 CP5   Jenna Thunder as Wonder Woman


    Cospaint Series 2 (series was not released)

  P1   Aspen (four ladies)
  P2   (sea dragon, skull; Kickstarter and DragonCon)

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