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Coup Cards
Unbeatables inc. - 1991

Notes:  Subtitled "The Story of the Second Russian Revolution," these cards 
commemorate the attempted takeover of the Soviet Union government by 
senior officials in August 1991, leading to popular resistance and the formation 
of the Confederation of Independent States. They were sold as a set in a 
cello pack.

  No.      Title

 1 of 10   Gorbachev's secret message.
 2 of 10   Coup leaders call in the military.
 3 of 10   Tempers flare.
 4 of 10   Muscovites revolt in the street.
 5 of 10   Guns and roses.
 6 of 10   Yeltsin addresses supporters.
 7 of 10   Down with the K.G.B.
 8 of 10   Gorbachev returns.
 9 of 10   A new found friendship.
10 of 10   Victory.

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