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Coup d'Etat: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
   Eclipse Enterprises - 1990

Notes: Cards are 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" and were released as a boxed set. Text is by 
Paul Brancato and artwork is by Bill Sienkiewicz.

No.   Front Title                 Back Title

  1   "Wanted for Treason"        The Assassination
  2   Ambushed!                   The Secret Service
  3   Best Evidence               The Autopsy
  4   The Sniper's Nest           Crossfire
  5   Patrolman Murdered          J. D. Tippett
  6   Alias Alek Hidell           The Mail-Order Rifle
  7   The Other Assassination     Ruby Kills Oswald
  8   Whitewash                   The Warren Commission
  9   Suppressed Evidence         The Zapruder Film
 10   Just a Patsy?               Lee Harvey Oswals
 11   CIA-KGB                     James Jesus Angleton
 12   Control Agent I             George de Mohrenschildt
 13   Control Agent II            Guy Banister
 14   Misguided Pilot             David Ferrie
 15   The Mysterious Traveler     "Oswald" in Mexico
 16   Doppelgänger in Dallas      Too Many Oswalds
 17   The Other Widow             Marina Oswald
 18   FBI Shadows                 James Hosty
 19   Texas über Alles            General Edwin Walker
 20   The Permindex Plot          Clay Shaw
 21   Military Intelligence       General Charles Cabell
 22   The Cuba Question           Fidel Castro
 23   Codename: bishop            David Atlee Phillips
 24   The Three Tramps            Howard Hunt & Frank Sturgis
 25   Oil Money                   Haroldson Lafayette Hunt
 26   The Policeman's Pimp        Jack Ruby
 27   The French Connection       Jean Souetre
 28   The Mob                     CIA-Mafia Plots
 29   Future Target               Robert Kennedy
 30   Goddess                     Marilyn Monroe
 31   Among the Missing           James Hoffa
 32   Mafia Kingfish              Carlos Marcello
 33   The Arranger                I. Irving Davidson
 34   The Untouchable             J. Edgar Hoover
 35   Ballots and Bullets         Lyndon Johnson
 36   Silenced!                   Dead Witnesses

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