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Cowboy Series
    Hassan Corktip Cigarettes - 1909
The Cowboy: His Life and Fun
    Pullman and Onist Milk Bread (Weber Foods) - 1909

Notes:  The Hassan set is reference number T53. Only 49 (unnumbered) cards were 
issued, though the cards promote "Cowboy Series 1-50." Card fronts show color 
artwork and card backs have descriptive text. (Some card-back titles are slightly 
different from card-front titles.) The card images were repeated in a 1930s series 
by Hamilton Gum, with the added card "An Exciting Game," which may or may 
not have been the "missing" 50th card from the earlier decade.

The bread set consists of 40 cards, but I only have a partial list of which 40 are included, 
marked with a "p" below. (I'll make it a new list if I can figure out the other items.) 
Collectors could mail in the completed set of 40 for a larger picture "Riders of the 
Lazy 7."

       Title                          Card-Back Title (if different)

   p   A Balky Pupil
       A Buck Hero
       A Bucking Bronco
       A Close Call
       A Cowboy Race
       A Half-Breed
       A Long Shot
       A Lucky Bag
   p   A Parting Shot
   p   An Old-Time Cowboy
   p   At the Theater
       Branding a Calf                Branding Calves
       Cowboy Courtship
   p   Darning His Socks
       Driving Out the Horse Herd
       Evening on the Prairie
   p   Fighting the Prairie Fire
       Fording the River              Crossing the River
       Getting the Horse Thief
   p   Hands Up!                      Hands Up
   p   Heading a Stampede
       Helping the Sheriff
       "Her" Picture
   p   His Best Friend
       His Favorite Brand
   p   Hurdling the Corral
       Lassoing a Grizzly
   p   Making a Tender Foot Dance     Making a Tenderfoot Dance
       Man-Eater                      The Maneater
   p   On the Hunt
   p   On the Move
   p   Picking Up the Handkerchief
       Playing Crack-Loo              Playing Crack Loo
   p   Putting on the Blind
   p   Queen of the Ranch
       Repairing a Break
   p   Riding a Buffalo
   p   Riding a Steer
   p   Roping a Steer
   p   Roping and Tying
       Rounding Up
   p   Shooting Up the Town
   p   Skinning a Buffalo
       The Lariat Dance
   p   The Maverick
   p   The Overland Mail
   p   Throwing a Steer
       Throwing the Lasso
       Touching Leather

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