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Cowboy Series
   Hamilton Gum (Canada) - 1930s

Notes: Reference number V290. Cards are 2-15/32" x 3-1/4" and feature bilingual 
titles and text on card backs. Card fronts show color images and English titles. The 
French Name for the set is "Série sur les Cow-Boys." The images repeat those from 
a 1909 Hassan set with the addition of Card #29.

No.   English Title                 French Title (if known)           Back Title (if different)

  1   Picking Up the Handkerchief
  2   Roping a Steer                Prendre un Bouvillon au Lasso
  3   A Long Shot                   Un Coup Tiré de Lon
  4   Repairing a Break
  5   At the Theater
  6   The Overland Mail
  7   Fording the River             Passage de la Rivière à Gué
  8   Riding a Steer
  9   Driving Out the Horse Herd    Sortie des Chevaux en Troupeaux
 10   Throwing the Lasso            Lancement du Lasso
 11   Branding a Calf
 12   Touching Leather              Se Tanner le Cuir
 13   A Buck Hero                   Un Vrai Héro
 14   "Her" Picture                 "Sa" Photo
 15   An Old-Time Cowboy            Un Vieux Cow-boy
 16   Skinning a Buffalo            Dépouillement d'un
 17   His Best Friend               Son Meilleur Ami
 18   The Maverick                  Le Bouvillon non Identifié
 19   Queen of the Ranch
 20   His Favorite Brand            Leurs Cigarette Favorites         His Favourite Brand
 21   Playing Crack-Loo             Jeu de "Crack-Loo"
 22   A Parting Shot                Le Dernier Coup de Feu
 23   Making a Tender Foot Dance    Dance du Nouvel Arrivé            Making a Tenderfoot Dance
 24   Man-Eater                     Cheval Dangereux                  Man Eater
 25   Heading a Stampede            En Tête d'une Débandade
 26   Cowboy Courtship              L'Amitié des Cow-boys
 27   Rounding Up                   Rassemblement
 28   The Lariat Dance              La Danse du Lasso
 29   Riding a Buffalo              Monter un Bufflo
 30   A Cowboy Race                 Un Course de Cow-boys
 31   A Close Call                  L'Echapper Belle
 32   An Exciting Game
 33   A Bucking Bronco              Un Cheval qui se Cabre
 34   Darning His Socks             Reprisage des Chaussettes         Darning His Sox
 35   Shooting Up the Town
 36   Evening on the Prairie        Soirée dans les Prairies
 37   Roping and Tying              L'Attrapant et L'Attachant
 38   Hurdling the Corral           Sur la Clôture des Corrals
 39   Lassoing a Grizzly            Prise au Lasso d'un Our Gris
 40   On the Hunt                   A la Chasse
 41   A Balky Pupil                 Elèves Tôius                      Balking Pupil
 42   Getting the Horse Thief       Voleur de Chevaux
 43   Hands Up!                     Haut les Mains!
 44   Helping the Sheriff
 45   A Half-Breed                  Métis
 46   A Lucky Bag
 47   On the Move                   Déménagement
 48   Fighting the Prairie Fire
 49   Throwing a Steer              Pour Attraper un Boeuf
 50   Putting on the Blind                                            Checklist

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