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CPM Manga:
  The Art of Satoshi Urushihara
Central Park Media / Comic Images - 1999

Note:  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist and Adam Chamberlain for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 LustreChrome cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.44 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card text / character

Plastic Little

 1    Tita Mukoshigaya
 2    Mei Lin Jones
 3    Joshua L. Balboa
 4    Mikhail Diagleff
 5    Nichol Hawkins
 6    Tita inherited the job of Captain of the Cha
 7    Five years older than Tita, Mei looks at Tita
 8    Angry after carelessly losing her prey, Tita
 9    Tita looks inward and reflects upon her past
10    Seeking to redeem herself for her previous fa
11    When they return to por4t after long voyages
12    The Cha Cha Maru has an unusually large commu
13    The crew often relaxes in the ship's bath aft
14    After the death of Tita's father, Tita lived
15    As the ship's doctor, Mei is responsible for
16    During one of their voyages, Tita collapses w
17    After curing Tita from the deadly Ietta Fever
18    Dressing after the recovery, Nichol accidenta
19    Upon seeing Tita and Nichol being accosted by
20    Before descending into the depths, all Cha Ch
21    Jumping into her Captain's chair, Tita direct
22    Over the years, the crew management of the Ch


23    In the near future, scientists accidentally u
24    With most of the Earth ravaged and overrun by
25    Shiori finds herself mysteriously attracted t
26    Later, Carol and Shiori are caught offguard a
27    It is decided that a group of human survivors
28    On their way to Alaska, the group meets a hum
29    Although he survived the past attack, Bart ha
30    As they continued their journey, Shiori and C
31    While originally created genderless, Carol ty
32    The group comes across an enormous city that
33    After leaving the city, the group encounters
34    Learning of their intentions to destroy Gaia
35    After being driven off, Adam returns and capt
36    Having also taken Shiori hostage, Adam offers
37    Plunging her arm through Shiori's heart, Caro
38    Carol then uses her powers to heal Shiori's w
39    The group is able to successfully avoid any f
40    Intimately exploring each other's bodies, Car
41    The next day the team suits up for their desc
42    Having survived his earlier head injuries, Ad
43    Adam was unsuccessful in his attempts to capt
44    Overpowering Carol, Adam uses his shape-shift
45    Learning her brain has been encoded with Gaia
46    Due to an overload of information, Shiori's b
47    Having shut down Gaia's main computer, Shiori
48    Luckily, the rest of the team also survived t

Legend of Lemnear

49    Lemnear, a timid country girl, used to a quie
50    After her baptism, Lemnear's village is attac
51    Whisked to a far off desert, Lemnear awakens
52    Making the best of their situation, Lemnear a
53    Happening upon a small town, Lemnear and Lian
54    The two are brought to a large castle and pre
55    Vaun seems pleased with healthy, new slaves.
56    Biding their time, waiting for a chance to es
57    Larga, an agent of the dark god Varohl, arriv
58    Never giving up without a fight, Lemnear atta
59    Driven by anger and pain, Lemnear calls upon
60    With his dying breath, Larga unleashes a fina
61    Word of Larga's defeat spreads quickly among
62    With her powers slowly building inside her, L
63    Lemnear, Lian and Mesh are joined by Lunagu,
64    Lemnear enters Varohl's castle nonchalantly.
65    Seeking to immediately gain the upperhand, Le
66    Varohl gladly returns the gesture with a forc
67    All seems helpless for Lemnear as Mesh and Li
68    Choosing to take a more 'hands-on' approach,
69    The sight of her friends awakens the powers o
70    Even the Champion of Silver can turn red. Aft
71    Fulfilling her birthright as the Champion of

72    Checklist


OmniChrome Cards

1 of 6   Legend of Lemnear - In 1984, right after graduating h
2 of 6   Legend of Lemnear - Satoshi Urushihara went freelance
3 of 6   Plastic Little - In 1990, the comic version of Legend
4 of 6   Plastic Little - In 1994, the animated version of Pla
5 of 6   Chirality - Chirality is Satoshi Urushihara's third c
6 of 6   Chirality - Chirality's popularity can be largely att

Card Album (sold separately)

 --      (binder)
 --      (six-card uncut sheet)



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