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Crackpots & Visionaries - Volume 1
Radio WFMU - 1992

Notes:  Usually sold as a complete set, cards feature full-color artwork 
depicting the "most genius" and "most nuts." Thanks much to Darin 
Dunham for the list! Further information and scans are posted at the 
WFMU website.

No.   Title                           Artist

  1   Title & Credits 
  2   Terence McKenna                 Kaz 
  3   Jimmy Piersall                  Dan Clowes 
  4   Saint John the Divine           Jonathon Rosen 
  5   Zora Neale Hurston              Mary Fleener 
  6   Al Goldstein                    Peter Bagge 
  7   Szukalski                       Jim Woodring 
  8   Dolly Dimples                   Ned Sonntag 
  9   Carl Jung                       Jayr Pulga 
 10   Charlie Starkweather            Glenn Head 
 11   Busby Berkley                   Richard McGuire 
 12   Mary Shelley                    Krystine Kryttre 
 13   Nikola Tesla                    Sean Taggart 
 14   Lord Buckley                    Doug Allen 
 15   Ciccolina                       Lennie Mace 
 16   Reverend George Went Hensley    Mack White 
 17   Aimee Semple McPherson          Carol Lay 
 18   Captain Beefheart               Steven Cerio 
 19   D.G. Rempel                     Mark Newgarden 
 20   Richard Shaver                  Scott Cunningham 
 21   Brother Theodore                Jim Ryan 
 22   Valerie Solanas                 Julie Doucet 
 23   Reverend Ivan Stang             Harold S. Robbins 
 24   Lenny Bruce                     J.D. King 
 25   William S. Burroughs            Charles Burns 
 26   Forrest J. Ackerman             Gary Panter 
 27   Lizzie Borden                   Mark Beyer 
 28   Saint John the Baptist          Joe Coleman 
 29   William Jenning Bryan           Steve Willis 
 30   The Legendary Stardust Cowboy   J.R. Williams 
 31   Jesse Helms                     Roy Tompkins 
 32   Raymond Scott                   Hank Arakelian 
 33   Marion Williams                 Stephen Kroninger 
 34   Phoolan Devi                    Carel Moiseiwitsch 
 35   Spike Jones                     Drew Friedman 
 36   Criswell                        Byron Werner 

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