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Crackpots & Visionaries - Volume 2
Radio WFMU - 1994

Notes:  Usually sold as a complete set, cards feature full-color artwork 
depicting misfits and marvels Thanks much to Darin Dunham for the list! 
Further information and scans are posted at the WFMU website.

No.   Title                           Artist

  1   Title & Credits 
  2   Harvey Kurtzman                 Jay Lynch 
  3   Harry Partch                    Russell Christian 
  4   Iceberg Slim                    Phoebe Gloeckner 
  5   Sergei Nechayev                 Spain 
  6   Dr. Seuss                       Gary Leib 
  7   Leon Theremin                   Archer Prewitt 
  8   John Ballou Newbrough           Doug Skinner 
  9   Henry Darger                    Ric Heitzman 
 10   Edward Teller                   David Mazzucchelli 
 11   Ken Nordine                     Bob Fingerman 
 12   Opal Whiteley                   Debbie Drechsler 
 13   Rasputin                        Richard Sala 
 14   Frida Kahlo                     Georganne Deen 
 15   G. Gordon Liddy                 Jim Blanchard 
 16   Esquivel                        Wayno 
 17   Rush Limbaugh                   Justin Green 
 18   Nietzsche                       J. Ryan 
 19   Mary Baker Eddy                 Brad Johnson 
 20   Tex Avery                       John Schnall 
 21   Sun Ra                          Robert Armstrong 
 22   Ernie Kovacs                    R. Sikoryak 
 23   John Waters                     Mark Landman 
 24   Marcus Garvey                   Ben Katchor 
 25   William Randolph Hurst          Bill Griffith 
 26   Florence Foster Jenkins         Alison Mork 
 27   Russ Meyer                      Jay Condom 
 28   Tom of Finland                  Jim Shaw 
 29   Dan Ashwander                   Mark Martin 
 30   Reverend Robert Tilton          Tom Roberts 
 31   Emma Goldman                    Diane Noomin 
 32   Blowfly                         Cameron Jamie 
 33   Alfred Jarry                    Patrick James Longo 
 34   Simon Rodia                     Dean Rohrer 
 35   Emile Cohl                      Chris Ware 
 36   Sarah Winchester                Carol Tyler 

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