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Craftsman Tools 1992 (Set 1)
Sears, Roebuck & Co. - 1992

Notes: No copyright date is shown on the cards. Thanks much to Michael Beam 
for the scans that formed the basis for the checklist, and to Marshall Morrise for 

No.    Title

  1   26-in. Quicksilver Hand Saw
  2   Craftsman Miter Box with Back Saw
  3   Craftsman Curved Claw Hammer
  4   California Framer Hammer
  5   Craftsman 7-inch Block Plane
  6   Craftsman Combination Square
  7   Craftsman Aluminium 48-in. Level
  8   Craftsman magnetic Torpedo Level
  9   Sears Best Brake-n-Lock Tape
 10   100-ft. Steel Measuring Tape
 11   Electronic Stud Finder with Sound
 12   Heavy Duty 1 1/2-in. Bench Vise
 13   Bench Top Radial Arm Saw
 14   10-in. Radial Arm Saw
 15   Electronic Radial Arm Saw
 16   Contractor Series 10-in. Table Saw
 17   Bench Top Direct Drive Table Saw
 18   Bench Top 10-in. Table Saw
 19   Craftsman Compact Band Saw
 20   Benchtop Drill Press
 21   Bench Top Belt and Disk Sander
 22   Bench Top 16-in. Scroll Saw
 23   Variable Speed Scroll Saw
 24   Contractor Series Scroll Saw
 25   Checklist Card 1-27
 26   Craftsman Compound Miter Saw
 27   Compound 10-in. Miter Saw
 28   Craftsman 17-in. Drill Press
 29   Tilt-Head 12-inch Band Saw
 30   Tilt-Head Electronic Band Saw
 31   Contractor Series Jointer/Planer
 32   Contractor Series Wood Shaper
 33   1-hp Sawdust Collection System
 34   3/8-in. Cordless Drill/Driver
 35   Sawmill 7 1/4-in. Circular Saw
 36   Sears Best 3/8-inch VSAR Drill
 37   Sears Best 1/2-inch Electronic Drill
 38   Auto Scroller 3/4-in. Sabre Saw
 39   Electronic Reciprocating Saw
 40   Sears Best Dual Motion Pad Sander
 41   Sears Best 4-inch Belt Sander
 42   Sears Best 9-inch Sander/Grinder
 43   11-inch Buffer and Polisher
 44   Sears Best 3 5/8-inch Power Planer
 45   Craftsman 8-inch Bench Grinder
 46   Dual Power Electric Stapler/Nailer
 47   1/2-hp 3/8-inch Industrial Drill
 48   1-hp 1/2-inch Industrial Drill
 49   Cordless Industrial Drill/Driver
 50   Checklist Card 28-54
 51   Industrial Reciprocating Saw
 52   Industrial Worm Drive Circular Saw
 53   Industrial 4 1/2-in. Disc Grinder
 54   Sears Best Electronic Router
 55   Aluminum Top Router Table
 56   14-pc. High Speed Router Bit Set
 57   BIS-Kit Joiner Attachment
 58   Mill-Works Molding Maker
 59   Magnite Screwdriver Bit Set
 60   14-pc. "The Point" Drill Bit Set
 61   Mach-1 Circular Saw Blade
 62   Excalibur Carbide Tip Dado
 63   8-gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum
 64   16-gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum
 65   Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum
 66   Powermate Power Brush Vacuum
 67   Craftsman 7-pc. Nut Driver Set
 68   3/8-in. Quick Release Ratchet
 69   Contractor Series Miter Saw
 70   Mechanic's Tool Set with Case
 71   215-pc. Mechanic's Tool Set
 72   Professional Mechanic's Tool Set
 73   3-pc. Locking Extension Bar Set
 74   Mechanic's Steel Tool Box
 75   Checklist Card 55-81
 76   Portable Mechanic's Tool Chest
 77   Exclusive Carry-All Utility Box
 78   Sears Best Mechanic's Tool Box
 79   8-dr. Chest/5-dr. Cabinet
 80   10-dr. Chest/8-dr. Cabinet
 81   8-dr. Chest/10-dr. Cabinet
 82   Professional Chest/Cart Storage
 83   Compact 1-HB Air Compressor
 84   3 1/2-hp 15-gal. Air Compressor
 85   Sears Best Heavy-Duty Spray Gun
 86   Craftsman 3/8-in. Air Ratchet
 87   Craftsman Air Impact Wrench
 88   Pneumatic 18-gauge Brad Nailer
 89   Craftsman Tap and Die Set
 90   Industrial Screwdriver Set
 91   Reversible 4-in-1 Screwdriver
 92   Craftsman 18-pc. Screwdriver Set
 93   9-pc. Punch and Chisel Set
 94   Microtork Torque Wrench
 95   Craftsman Adjustable Wrenches
 96   3-pc. Mini-Hobby Plier Set
 97   Craftsman Locking Plier Set
 98   6-pc. Impact Driver Set
 99   5-hp 30-gal. Air Compressor
100   Checkist Card 82-110
101   42-in. Mechanic's Creeper
102   Adjustable Box End Wrenches
103   Inductive Timing Light
104   Professional Diagnostic Analyzer
105   Ratchet Action Jack Stands
106   Heavy-Duty Dual power Stapler
107   Dual Position Riveter
108   Sears Best Garage Door Opener
109   Heavy Duty Drill Stand
110   Fluorescent Work Light

 --   (Jeep Wrangler sweepstakes card; 1:pack)

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