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Crazy TV (Test Set)
   Topps - 1968
Crazy TV
   Topps - 1968

Notes: Topps Vault has made available original artwork from both a Test Set and 
Final Production set; specific differences are unknown. Those cards are skip-numbered 
to 55 and feature card fronts with a wood-grain TV cabinet and Knock-Knock jokes 
on the reverse ("Series 1"). Also distributed were blank-back versions of the wood-
grain design and salmon-background card fronts, both without numbering, and cards 
with the Knock-Knock gags alone ("Series 2"). Changes may have been made during 
production of the cards found in the final release and cards may have been mingled 
with cards from the "Ton o Laffs" release. American Card Catalog reference is 
R708-23. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

    No.    Caption                                               Type                   Knock-Knock (Type 1, if known)

 1 of 55   Zilch Cigarettes are definitely milder!!              Commercial
 2 of 55   .. And here's a bulletin just handed me! A TV anno    News Flash
 4 of 55   Here's a bulletin.. Russia has just invaded the Un    News Flash
 8 of 55   I'm sorry, he's on another lion...                    What's Up Doctari?
 9 of 55   Matt, I think you've been Marshal, too long!!         Gunstroke              Jess! Jess 'lil ol' me!
12 of 55   Let's try not to attract attention!                   Eye Spy
16 of 55   Did you feel an arrow?                                Bazanza
17 of 55   Okay... Draw!                                         Cowpoke in Africa
20 of 55   That's a pretty silly disguise, Solo!                 Man from A.U.N.T.
22 of 55   O.K., Mom! We'll come eat supper as soon as Lazzie    Lazzie
28 of 55   I know she's a deadly foreign agent, but what a wa    Eye Spy                Scott! Scott to be done my way or else!
30 of 55   What dya mean the dinner's ruined - I'm burning th    Beverly Sillybillies   Jed! Jed's go faster than sound!
35 of 55   Hm.. The victim was stabbed, shot, beaten and stra    Dragged Net
36 of 55   All right, 98, when I count three, we attack!         Gut Smart
37 of 55   Ben! Ben! Have you seen Mark? We can't find him an    Gently, Ben!
41 of 55   You can fire me for this, Boss, but you have bad b    Commercial
43 of 55   It's the doctor who told me I only had a year to l    Fun for Your Life
45 of 55   I never should have taken on this Bonnie and Clyde    Steelside              Bertha! Bertha the Blues!
47 of 55   If I hear one more elephant joke, Terry, you go th    May I?                 Oliver! Oliver troubles will soon be over!
50 of 55   Look - Who's side are you on, anyway?                 Daniel Boob
53 of 55   Deposit 15 for the next three minutes, please        Gut Smart
55 of 55   .. And there's a cold front moving in from the eas    Weather Report

Knock-Knocks (Series 2)

           Anita! Anita minute to think it over!
           Bertha! Bertha the Blues!
           Ellie May!
           Gary! Gary me back to ol' Virginny!
           Hoss! Hoss tricks?
           Jed! Jed's go faster than sound!
           Jess! Jess 'lil ol' me!
           Milly! Milly meter longer!
           Oliver! Oliver troubles will soon be over!
           Rita! Rita few books, you moron!
           Scott! Scott to be done my way or else!
           Stan! Stan back! I'm gonna sneeze!
           Wendy! Wendy tonight followed by rain!

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