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Creators Edition Master Series
SkyBox - 1995

Note:  Thanks to Patrick Long for the original checklist and to Dave
Christensen for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. Common sets: approx. 2.37 per box if collation were perfect.
No.   Title                                      Subset: Artist

  1   The Edge                                   Rail World: Dave Dorman
  2   Skid                                       Rail World: Dave Dorman
  3   The Janitor                                Rail World: Dave Dorman
  4   The Story                                  Rail World: Dave Dorman
  5   Cold Blue                                  Rail World: Dave Dorman
  6   Maximum Dave and Cym                       Rail World: Dave Dorman
  7   Siren                                      Rail World: Dave Dorman
  8   The Engine                                 Rail World: Dave Dorman
  9   The Brim                                   Rail World: Dave Dorman
 10   The Doctor                                 Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 11   Scar                                       Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 12   Biohazard                                  Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 13   Toxic                                      Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 14   Jack                                       Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 15   Always                                     Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 16   Trixie                                     Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 17   The Iguana                                 Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 18   Providence                                 Projectile World: Dave Dorman
 19   The Speaker in Fork Tongues                The Survivors: Dave McKean
 20   The Man Who Decides What Is Valuable       The Survivors: Dave McKean
 21   The Bee-Giver                              The Survivors: Dave McKean
 22   The Pinokhia                               The Survivors: Dave McKean
 23   The Contortionist (Body Linguaphile)       The Survivors: Dave McKean
 24   The Mescal King                            The Survivors: Dave McKean
 25   The Neon Oracle                            The Survivors: Dave McKean
 26   The Virtual Angel                          The Survivors: Dave McKean
 27   The R.E.M. User                            The Survivors: Dave McKean
 28   The Boy without Wings                      The Lost: Dave McKean
 29   Little Wing                                The Lost: Dave McKean
 30   The Card Collector                         The Lost: Dave McKean
 31   The Man in Black on Black                  The Lost: Dave McKean
 32   The Man Whose Face Receives Satellite      The Lost: Dave McKean
 33   The Cryogenic Head (Who's Still Not Dead)  The Lost: Dave McKean
 34   The Last Cancer of the Opera               The Lost: Dave McKean
 35   Placebo-Head                               The Lost: Dave McKean
 36   The Scary Man                              The Lost: Dave McKean
 37   Spike                                      The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 38   Shokk                                      The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 39   Semi Automatic                             The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 40   Swamplord                                  The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 41   Sparrow                                    The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 42   Princess Mustang                           The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 43   Kromo                                      The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 44   Pantera                                    The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 45   Parasite                                   The Naugle Swamp: Julie Bell
 46   Ash                                        Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 47   Dead-Eye                                   Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 48   Ember                                      Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 49   Goldrop                                    Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 50   Tempest                                    Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 51   Murraya                                    Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 52   Hallucin                                   Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 53   C.L.I.P.                                   Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 54   Firecat                                    Plateau Marcon: Julie Bell
 55   Rev. ThunderBones                          Merika: Brom
 56   Mad Jack Boweled                           Merika: Brom
 57   Dr. Phobic                                 Merika: Brom
 58   Hypodermia                                 Merika: Brom
 59   Ratchet                                    Merika: Brom
 60   Linda Loveless                             Merika: Brom
 61   Devlin McBain                              Merika: Brom
 62   Laytexra                                   Merika: Brom
 63   Bullet Brain                               Merika: Brom
 64   The Catalyst                               Grotton: Brom
 65   Nox                                        Grotton: Brom
 66   Thorn                                      Grotton: Brom
 67   Soul Shaker                                Grotton: Brom
 68   Bleeder                                    Grotton: Brom
 69   Rave                                       Grotton: Brom
 70   Hex                                        Grotton: Brom
 71   Rake Hell                                  Grotton: Brom
 72   Shadow Wicker                              Grotton: Brom
 73   Quinn Sawdance                             Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 74   Rock                                       Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 75   Snake eyes                                 Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 76   Nik the Knife                              Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 77   Gummimadchen                               Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 78   Kriegermadchen                             Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 79   Meggan                                     Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 80   Sounddriver                                Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 81   Kindle                                     Gibralte: Brian Stelfreeze
 82   The Grin                                   Microcosm: Dave Dorman
 83   Mr. Drone                                  Microcosm: Dave Dorman
 84   The Self Image                             Microcosm: Dave McKean
 85   The Waltzing Consumers                     Microcosm: Dave McKean
 86   Skito Bite                                 Microcosm: Julie Bell
 87   Wind Shadow                                Microcosm: Julie Bell
 88   Brom                                       Microcosm: Brom
 89   Powder Burns                               Microcosm: Brian Stelfreeze
 90   Checklist


Embossed Spectra Cards

B1    (Icon)                                     Dave Dorman
B2    The Mirror (a human [skin] condition)      Dave McKean
B3    Vlad Thermo                                Brian Stelfreeze
B4    Tetonka                                    Julie Bell
B5    Whak-o                                     Brom

Embossed SkyBox Character Card


PROMO CARDS (marked "Prototype")

P01   (1994) Dr. Phobic                          Brom
P02   (1994) Kroma                               Julie Bell
P03   (1994) Shokk                               Julie Bell
P04   (1994) Powder Burns                        Brian Stelfreeze
P05   (1994) Black On Black                      Dave McKean

P0    (1995)
P01   (1995) Kroma                               Julie Bell
P03   (1995)
P1    (1995) Sounddriver                         Brian Stelfreeze
CI1   (1995) The Iguana [Cards Illustrated]      Dave Dorman
N1    (1995) Sparrow [Non-Sport Update]          Julie Bell
S1    (1995) Bee-Giver                           Dave McKean
PC1   (1995) Soul Shaker                         Brom

BP1   Tetonka (1995, embossed, "Bonus")          Julie Bell

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