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Creators Alternate Universe
   Dynamic Entertainment / Sirius - 1996

Notes: Artists featured in this set are shown with those listings.Thanks much to LMA 
and Steve Yoder for updates!  

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.19 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                   Book

  1   Akiko                                   Akiko
  2   Spuckler                                Akiko
  3   Gax                                     Akiko
  4   Poog and Mr. Beeba                      Akiko
  5   Akiko and Gamgor                        Akiko
  6   Akiko's Ship                            Akiko
  7   Waaakiko!                               Akiko
  8   Bast                                    A Distant Soil
  9   Rieken                                  A Distant Soil
 10   D'Mer                                   A Distant Soil
 11   Liana                                   A Distant Soil
 12   Jason & Beys                            A Distant Soil
 13   Jessica & Aeren                         A Distant Soil
 14   Brent & Minetti                         A Distant Soil
 15   Sere & Vinyr                            A Distant Soil
 16   Galahad                                 A Distant Soil
 17   Hilly Rose                              Hilly Rose
 18   Bach, Blossom and Cammy                 Hilly Rose
 19   Sidney, the Evil Incarnate Guy          Hilly Rose
 20   The Weasel Boys                         Hilly Rose
 21   Biker Babe                              Hilly Rose
 22   Hilly Rose's Bad Day                    Hilly Rose
 23   Jungle Rose                             Hilly Rose
 24   The Barbarian                           Hilly Rose
 25   Kabuki: Night over Kyoto                Kabuki
 26   Snapdragon                              Kabuki
 27   Kabuki: Circle of Blood                 Kabuki
 28   Ice                                     Kabuki
 29   Butoh                                   Kabuki
 30   Siamese                                 Kabuki
 31   Kabuki: Little Sister is Watching You   Kabuki
 32   Tiger Lily                              Kabuki
 33   Scarab                                  Kabuki
 34   Kabuki: Reflections                     Kabuki
 35   Mandratha Heights                       Poison Elves
 36   Children of the Dust                    Poison Elves
 37   Disintegrating into Crow                Poison Elves
 38   Three Days with Mr. Moto                Poison Elves
 39   Strangers Die Every Day                 Poison Elves
 40   Lester                                  Poison Elves
 41   Lusiphur                                Poison Elves
 42   Cassandra                               Poison Elves
 43   Lord of the Liliacs                     Poison Elves
 44   Poison Elfis                            Poison Elves
 45   Ezekiel Higgins - The Weaver            Starchild
 46   Thomas Learmont - Old Tom, The Rhymer   Starchild
 47   Homer Higgins - The Huntsman            Starchild
 48   Matthew Higgins - Uncle Matthew         Starchild
 49   Rhysling Learmont                       Starchild
 50   Rumer Learmont                          Starchild
 51   Anders Higgins - The Starchild          Starchild
 52   Harrigan                                Starchild
 53   Martin Humble                           Starchild
 54   Little Neil                             Starchild
 55   Francine and Katchoo                    Strangers in Paradise
 56   Katchoo                                 Strangers in Paradise
 57   Francine                                Strangers in Paradise
 58   David                                   Strangers in Paradise
 59   Freddie                                 Strangers in Paradise
 60   Mrs. Parker                             Strangers in Paradise
 61   Katchoo                                 Strangers in Paradise
 62   Tambi                                   Strangers in Paradise
 63   HR Watson and THB                       THB
 64   HR Watson and Collapso                  THB
 65   Pig Dog Parade                          THB
 66   B is for Bugface                        THB
 67   Steinway                                THB
 68   Paul Pope                               THB
 69   McHaine: Meanest Mother on Mars!        THB
 70   Put Some Bumble in Your Buzz!           THB
 71   Giant THB                               THB
 72   Memories                                Wandering Star
 73   Lunch                                   Wandering Star
 74   Madison                                 Wandering Star
 75   The Attack                              Wandering Star
 76   Defiance                                Wandering Star
 77   Graikor                                 Wandering Star
 78   The Death of Innocence                  Wandering Star
 79   Narz                                    Wandering Star
 80   The Devils Advocate                     Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 81   Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre  Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 82   Alanna Wolff                            Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 83   Jeff Byrd                               Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 84   Mavis Munro                             Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 85   Sodd, the Thing Called It               Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 86   13 Court Street                         Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
 87   Chase Hawkins and Dawn DeVine           Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre
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 --   Checklist 2
 --   Checklist 3


Phone Card

 --   Lance Blastoff

Autographed Cards (numbered to 100)

 --   (each of cards 1 through 87)

Autographed Boxes (reportedly 50 signed by each artist)

 --   Mark Crilley   [Akiko]
 --   Colleen Doran  [A Distant Soil]
 --   B C Boyer      [Hilly Rose]
 --   David Mack     [Kabuki]
 --   Drew Hayes     [Poison Elves]
 --   James Owen     [Starchild]
 --   Terry Moore    [Strangers in Paradise]
 --   Paul Pope      [THB]
 --   Terry Wood     [Wandering Star]
 --   Batton Lash    [Wolff & Byrd Counselors of the Macabre]

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