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The Creators Universe
   Dynamic - 1993

Notes:  Just think how much money you're saving with this electronic checklist, instead
of the Checklist chase cards.  But this set also had a gimmick that I'm surprised wasn't
more popular: signature "chase boxes." Nighthawk is shown on the regular (non-signature)
boxes.  Thanks much to Joanna Kohlbus, David Baugh, Michael Jones, Philip Brazina,  
Dave Christensen, Marcia Fanchin, John Oder, Sean Wright, and Mike Speth for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.10 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Character              Creator(s)

001  All American Girl      Adam Hughes
002  American Flagg         Howard Chaykin
003  Ano-Tok                Mark Pennington
004  Aquan                  Dan Jurgens
005  Arc                    Brandon Peterson
006  Ava                    Frank Miller
007  Beta                   Dave Johnson
008  Blast                  Jan Duursema
009  Bloodsidhe             Jon Bogdanove
010  Bloodwyche             Joe Madureira
011  Body Bags              Jason Pearson
012  Body Blades            Jordan Raskin, Ray Weisfeld
013  Brave                  Cully Hamner
014  'Breed                 Jim Starlin
015  Bron                   Barry Windsor-Smith
016  Bulldog                Darick Robertson
017  Bunker                 Brandon Peterson
018  Chayne                 Dan Jurgens
019  Dr. Kiln               Dan Brereton
020  Dr. Nob                Kevin Nowlan
021  Daybreak & Nightfall   Ray Lago
022  Deuce                  Dan Jurgens
023  Dichotomy              Jeff Johnson
024  Dragun                 Dan Panosian
025  Dwight                 Frank Miller
026  Dyce                   Brandon Peterson
027  Edge                   Gil Kane, Steven D. Grant
028  Electron               Marat Mychaels
029  Fluffy                 Joe Quesada
030  Force                  Joe Madureira
031  Foward Motion          Jimmy Palmiotti, Dan Didio
032  Full Otto              Dave Johnson
033  Hadron                 Joe DeVito
034  Hellfyre               Dan Fraga
035  Heretic                Joseph Phillips
036  Invertigo              Adam Hughes
037  Io                     Jo DeVito
038  Johnny Redcap          Jon Bogdanove
039  Khalif                 John Czop
040  Kid Death              Joe Quesada
041  Knighthawk             Neal Adams
042  Krane                  Dan Panosian
043  Lady Channel Cat       John Estes
044  Laserheart             Jan Duursema
045  Luana Sikes            Steve Woron
046  Maxim                  Hoang Nguyen
047  Merope                 E. Silas Smith
048  Mine Field             Darick Robertson
049  Monad                  Brandon Peterson
050  Monkey Man & O'Brien   Arthur Adams
051  Necrotech              Jimmy Palmiotti, Dan Didio
052  Nightfire              Art Thibert
053  Nyghtmaere             Joe Linsner, Joe Monks
054  Obsidean Stone         Joe Linsner
055  Rojas                  Walter Simonson
056  Oniko & Gorildozer     Arthur Adams
057  Pastor Prime           Cully Hamner
058  Penumbra               Andy Smith
059  Phaedra                Walter Simonson
060  Pheros                 Bart Sears
061  Procustean             Jeff Johnson
062  Queen Sikora           Mark Pennington
063  Red Death              Tom Mandrake
064  Red Tide               John Estes
065  RedLine                Adam Kubert
066  Sgt. Major Acre        Adam Kubert
067  Savage                 Gil Kane
068  Seige                  Jordan Raskin, Ray Weisfeld
069  Sensi & Huge           Mark Pacella
070  Sera                   Adam Kubert
071  Shellcase              John Estes
072  Sifu Hara              Tom Mandrake
073  Singularity            Karl Story
074  Slyce                  Brandon Peterson
075  Solo                   Bill Marimon
076  Squire                 Ken Hooper
077  Starfish               Dan Brereton
078  Starwing               Art Thibert
079  Strangehands           Barry Windsor-Smith
080  Syvil & Co.            Andy Kubert
081  Terra Firma Irma       Kevin Nowlan
082  Terradax               Mark Pacella
083  The Moth               Steve Rude
084  The Righteous          Hoang Nguyen
085  The Silencer           Steve Rude
086  The Veteran            Lee Weeks
087  Thrashur               Bart Sears
088  "Trash Can" Mann Joe   Hoang Nguyen
089  Turbine                Andy Kubert
090  Uplink                 Karl Story
091  Voortexx               Adam Kubert
092  Warhorse               Joe Jusko
       [variant: card back reversed, Jusko sig relocated, smaller image]
093  Weezul                 Mark Pacella
094  Werewolf Alpha         Dan Brereton
095  Widow-Maker            Jeff Johnson
096  Woe / Min              Mark Pacella
097  Wolfhound              Bart Sears
098  Wraithchild            Hoang Nguyen
099  Wreckage               Lee Weeks
100  Wryscher               Greg Williams


Checklist Cards (1:18 packs)


All American Family (Super Dimension / holographic) Cards (1:12 packs)

SD1  Intrepid               Dave Johnson
SD2  Enemy                  Steve D. Grant (Art: Mike Zeck)
SD3  U.S. Marshals          Cully Hamner
SD4  Power & Glory          Howard Chaykin

Family Fusion Titanium Cards (1:12 packs, but missing from some boxes)

FF1  Syvil                  Andy Kubert
FF2  Tartar                 Joe Kubert
FF3  Sgt. Major Acre        Adam Kubert

24 kt Autograph Cards (2 per 20-box case)

020  Dr. Nob                Kevin Nowlan
024  Dragun                 Dan Panosian
033  Hadron                 Joe DeVito
039  Khalif                 John Czop
041  Knighthawk             Neal Adams
048  Mine Field             Darick Robertson
051  Necrotech              Jimmy Palmiotti
052  Nightfire              Art Thibert
065  Redline                Adam Kubert
069  Sensi & Huge           Marc Pacella
089  Turbine                Andy Kubert
092  Warhorse               Joe Jusko

Jae Lee Serigraph Card
   (gold border; by redemption; signed by Jae Lee in gold on front)

SG1  Hellshock (close-up; numbered to 10,000 in gold ink on front)
SG1  Hellshock (close-up; numbered to 10,000 in black ink on back)
SG1  Hellshock (close-up; unnumbered)
SG1  Hellshock (full body with cross in background)
--   Hellshock Redemption Card (full body with cross in background)

Hellshock Print (Poster-sized, numbered to 2500)

--   Hellshock              Jae Lee

Card Album (sold separately)

--   (Binder, Limited Edition # to 1000; autographed by 7 artists)

     - Dan Brereton
     - Howard Chaykin 
     - Steven D. Grant 
     - Dan Jurgens 
     - Gil Kane 
     - Walter Simonson 
     - Jim Starlin

--   (Binder, Limited Edition # to 1000; with thumbnails of 100 base cards)

All American Family Autographed Set (sold separately)

--   (card wallet)
SD1  Intrepid
SD2  Enemy [signed by Steve Grant]
SD3  U.S. Marshals
SD4  Power & Glory [signed by Howard Chaykin]
--   Certificate of Authenticity

CHASE BOXES (Each numbered to 1250)

---  Sgt. Major Acre        Adam Kubert
---  Hellshock              Jae Lee
---  Warhorse               Joe Jusko
---  Kid Death              Joe Quesada


P1   Pheros                 Bart Sears
P1   Pheros (same image, back is rotated 180 degrees)
P2   Sgt. Major Acre        Adam Kubert
P3   Blitzkreig             Hoang Nguyen
--   (4-up panel, cards P1-P3 + Warhorse; 8.5" x 7.74", Previews Vol 3 #9)
     Most of the P1-P3 cards in distribution appear to have been cut from
     the 4-up panel.

X1   Bron                   Barry Windsor-Smith
X2   Strangehands           Barry Windsor-Smith
SG1  Hellshock Serigraph    Jae Lee (unsigned)
--   Redline                Adam Kubert
--   Redline                Adam Kubert (same image, back is rotated 180 degrees)
--   Warhorse               Joe Jusko  (Wizard, NSU)
--   Warhorse               Joe Jusko  (Wizard, NSU; same image, back is rotated 180 degrees)
--   The Silencer           Steve Rude
--   The Silencer           Steve Rude (same image, back is rotated 180 degrees)
--   Stronghold             Brandon Peterson
--   Stronghold             Brandon Peterson (same image, back is rotated 180 degrees)
--   (3-up panel, 7.5" x 3.5", forming one image including:)
       Syvil                Andy Kubert
       Tartar               Joe Kubert
       Sgt. Major Acre      Adam Kubert

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