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CreeD Chromium
Krome Productions - 1996

Note:  Accompanied by a parallel HoloChrome sticker set, distributed one-per-pack.
The checklist card (#50) does not show a card number (but the parallel sticker does).

No.   Title / Text / Artist                      Subset

 1    (C.J.) "Freedom" is a word CreeD, Mark F   Character Subset
 2    (Disorder) Twisted, malicious revenge is   Character Subset
 3    Mai-Ling was born in the world of dreams   Character Subset
 4    Mary is the most delightful vision of cl   Character Subset
 5    (Hummer) Noted as one of the last four g   Character Subset
 6    The Skeeziks is the major force of The V   Character Subset
 7    Mary Anne Burke, isn't JUST another stud   Character Subset
 8    (Mai-Ling and Hummer) There was a time i   Character Subset
 9    Tamuran is the brawn of the guardian for   Character Subset
10    "Child of Lost Dreams"? Could a boy of t   Story Subset
11    With Mary on the mind, how can one be ex   Story Subset
12    The Void is coming! Who can stand agains   Story Subset
13    Being "The CreeD" gives Mark Farley the    Story Subset
14    The Skeeziks infest the land like a canc   Story Subset
15    The trip back to reality is never an eas   Story Subset
16    Mary has been captured? It can't be for    Story Subset
17    The shape changing Disorder and his abil   Story Subset
18    Entangled in the grasp of Disorder, Mark   Story Subset
19    The only way to prevent Disorder from en   Story Subset
20    Cascan Jep, being made completely of Dre   Story Subset
21    Having friends from different worlds has   Story Subset
22    Those in reality that lose their will to   Story Subset
23    The Skeeziks are a savage sort of creatu   Story Subset
24    There are only three rules to the World    Story Subset
25    The "Rat Creature" Tamuran happens to be   Story Subset
26    Mai-Ling, "Mistress of Enchanted Beauty"   Story Subset
27    Run for your life!!! The Skeeziks are co   Story Subset
28    Mary Anne Burke and Mark Farley (top)      Pinup Gallery
29    Mary Anne Burke and Mark Farley (middle)   Pinup Gallery
30    Mary Anne Burke and Mark Farley (bottom)   Pinup Gallery
31    The Skeeziks are a savage sort of creatu   Pinup Gallery
32    Cranial Disorder #1 Cover (Matt Martin)    Pinup Gallery
33    C.J. isn't just any frog, unless any fro   Pinup Gallery
34    (Mai-Ling) Stained with the blood of Ske   Pinup Gallery
35    Hummer                                     Pinup Gallery
36    Mary and CreeD (Bill Maus)                 Pinup Gallery
37    The King of Dirt... prisoner of his own    Dreamworld Rookie Subset
38    General Saxum is the leading general of    Dreamworld Rookie Subset
39    (Shrapnel) Though he speaks a language t   Dreamworld Rookie Subset
40    Everette Hartsoe                           Special Guest Artist Gallery
41    Matt Martin [Mai-Ling]                     Special Guest Artist Gallery
42    Cabbie                                     Special Guest Artist Gallery
43    Eric Johns                                 Special Guest Artist Gallery
44    Kirk Lindo                                 Special Guest Artist Gallery
45    Bret Williamson                            Special Guest Artist Gallery
46    Matt Martin [Disorder]                     Special Guest Artist Gallery
47    Matt Martin [Mai-Ling close-up]            Special Guest Artist Gallery
48    Slick                                      Special Guest Artist Gallery
49    Rick Lyon                                  Special Guest Artist Gallery
--    Trading Card Checklist


NecroChrome Cards (1 set per box)

 1    Mark and CJ           (artist: Rick Lyon)
 2    Mark                  (artist: Slick)
 3    Mai-Ling              (artist: Matt Martin)
 4    Disorder              (artist: Matt Martin)
 5    Disorder and Mary     (artist: Trent Kaniuga

ClearChrome Mystery Cards (art by Trent Kanuiga, 1:18 packs)

---   (C.J.-as-frog)
---   (CreeD riding C.J.-as-dragon)
---   (Disorder)
---   (Mai-Ling)

Autographed Card (500 signed)

---   Trent Kaniuga


---   (Oversized)
---   (Unnumbered, 2 different)

©2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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