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Crimson Commemorative
Dynamic Forces - 2001

Notes:  I can't recognize the signatures for some of the sketch cards.  Thanks
much to Lee Scott, Ray Tucker, Uschi Lohnes, and Josh Glover for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.29 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                  Artist (if credited)


 1    Lisseth Busts Out                      Jae Lee, Jose Villarrubia
 2    Moody Alex                             Jae Lee, Jose Villarrubia
 3    Scarlet on the Hunt                    Jae Lee, Jose Villarrubia
 4    Fangs for the Memories                 Alex Horley
 5    Alex and the Moon                      Matt Busch
 6    Flirting with Death                    Matt Busch
 7    The Grim, Grey Grigori                 Matt Busch
 8    Red Hot Huntress                       Matt Busch
 9    Alex at the Window                     David Michael Beck
10    Ekimus and Alex in Crimson Light       David Michael Beck
11    Devilish Angel                         Dan Parsons
12    Alex and Ekums on Guard                John Watson

Cool Covers

13    Scarlet and the City                   Crimson #4
14    Lisseth and Alex                       Crimson #12
15    Alex and Lady Liberty                  Crimson #15
16    Alex and Friends                       Crimson #8
17    The Jelly Bats                         Crimson #1

Crimson Conflicts

18    Alex vs. Rose the Puppet
19    The Dragons Attack
20    St. George vs. the Dragon
21    Alex vs. Van Fleet
22    The Red Hoods vs. The Children of Judas
23    Alex and St. George vs. The Dragon

The Many Looks of Alex and Joe

24    Joe in Fringe
25    Alex in Leather
26    Joe Does the Y.M.C.A.
27    Alex Vamps Out
28    Motorcycle Joe
29    Alex in His Black Cloak
30    Alex and Joe in the Rain
31    Cargo Pants Joe

Crimson Action

32    Alex Tosses Fire
33    Joe Gets the Point
34    Ekimus Blows His Top
35    Scarlet on the Prowl
36    Lisseth and Fiery Destruction
37    Joe Slashes the Dragon
38    An Angel Ready to Rumble
39    A Blazing Bad Guy
40    A Dragon Flies
41    St. George and His Steed
42    Alex Leaps                             Art Adams
43    Live-Wire Alex
44    Scarlet Bashes Dumas
45    Red-Hood vs. Wolfen Dumas
46    Alex Gets a Smack from Scarlet

Crimson Women

47    Scarlet in Scarlet
48    Angel Zophiel
49    Rose the Puppet
50    Julie Ryder
51    Lisseth
52    Earthbound Zophie
53    Wild Scarlet
54    Archangel Gabrielle
55    Scarlet's New Look
56    Lisseth
57    Julie Ryder
58    Angel Zophiel

Crimson Concept

59    Alex Elder                             Humberto Ramos
60    Ekimus                                 Humberto Ramos
61    Indian Joe                             Humberto Ramos
62    Red Hood                               Humberto Ramos
63    The Jelly Bats                         Humberto Ramos
64    Alex and Ekimus                        Humberto Ramos
65    Devil or Angel                         Humberto Ramos
66    The Elder Family                       Humberto Ramos
67    Alex Elder                             Humberto Ramos
68    St. George                             Humberto Ramos

Crimson Images

69    Beauty and the Bow
70    Ekimus Blows Up the House
71    The Werewolves Attack
72    Scarlet and the Children of Judas
73    Alex Goes to Blazes
74    Ekimus Crucified
75    Alex and Ekimus
76    Alex and the Christmas Angel

Crimson Extra

77    The Elder Family
78    The Senator Takes a Bride              Alex Maleev
79    Blood on His Hands                     Adam Warren
80    Sunglasses at Night                    Joe Madyreira
81    A Window on the Weird                  Tom McWeeney
82    Alex, Scarlet and the Children of Judas
83    Lisseth Brings the Lightning
84    A SAtudy in Scarlet                    Adam Polina, Scott Williams
85    Queen of the Night                     Jim Lee
86    Howling at the Moon                    Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti
87    Necking with a Vampire                 Joe Jusko

88    Designer Card
89    Crimson Checklist
90    Crimson Checklist


Key Character Glow Cards (1:12 packs)

 G1   Alex Elder
 G2   Ekimus
 G3   Joe
 G4   Scarlet
 G5   Lisseth
 G6   St. George - Warrior Spirit

Humberto Ramos Classic Images Holo Rainbow Chrome Cards (1:12 packs)

 C1   The Archangels
 C2   Strangled by Society
 C3   Alex & Joe in Times Square
 C4   Lucifer vs. Archangel Michael
 C5   Lisseth
 C6   Alex vs. St. George

Out There First Look Cards (1:12 packs)

--    Skateboard / Zach Mullins
--    Pris & adult / Mark Wexler
--    Mayor Kate Webb
--    Jess Santiago
--    Casey Phillips
--    (sketch of the 4 main characters)

Autographed Cards (1:18 packs)

  Card numbers aren't shown on the following, but the images match those from
the cards in the basic set as noted below.

42    Arthur Adams (numbered to 1000)
79    Brian Augustyn (Crying demon; numbered to 1000)
84    Brian Augustyn (Redhead; numbered to 1000)
85    Brian Augustyn (Black tressed; numbered to 1000)
 9    David Michael Beck (numbered to 1000)
 7    Matt Busch (numbered to 1000)
77    Sandra Hope (numbered to 1000)
 4    Alex Horley (numbered to 1000)
87    Joe Jusko (numbered to 1000)
 1    Jae Lee (numbered to 500)
11    Dan Parsons (numbered to 1000)
86    Joe Quesada (numbered to 1000)
55    Humberto Ramos (Crossbow raised; numbered to 1000)
78    Humberto Ramos (Crypt entrance; numbered to 1000)
82    Humberto Ramos (Red battle; numbered to 1000)
83    Humberto Ramos (Jagged cloak; numbered to 1000)
 3    Jose Villarubia (numbered to 1000)
12    John Watson (numbered to 1000; signed in red or blue ink)
#4 of 6   (autographed box-topper)

Hand Drawn Sketch Cards (1:36 packs)
  Another 5000+ are unidentified, based on auto-to-sketch ratios.  I suspect
that there are multiple series of sketches from single artists, but I haven't confirmed.

--    Matt Busch (left profile with lips; numbered to 500)
--    Alex Horley (numbered to 300)
--    Jae Lee (man in overcoat; numbered to 200)
--    Dan Parsons (numbered to 500)
--    Jose Villarrubia (numbered to 300)
--    John Watson (woman's head; numbered to 1000)
--    John Watson (right half-face; numbered to 1000)

Box Topper Cards (4" x 6")

#1 of 6
#2 of 6
#3 of 6
#4 of 6
#5 of 6
#6 of 6

Card Album (limited to 1500 copies)

--    (Binder)
--    Humberto Ramos and Brian Augustyn (Dual Autograph Card, numbered to 1500)
--    Certificate of Authenticity
--    (11 plastic pages)


BC1   (Joe Quesada artwork)
H1    (Humberto Ramos artwork)
H1    (signed by Bryan Augustyn)
P1    (Humberto Ramos artwork; Previews)
P2    (Arthur Adams artwork; Previews)
P3    (Humberto Ramos artwork; Previews)
P4    (Humberto Ramos artwork; Previews)
NSU1  (Humberto Ramos artwork; Non-Sport Update)
W1    (Jim Lee artwork; Wizard Magazine)
W2    (Humberto Ramos artwork; Wizard Magazine)
W3    (Humberto Ramos artwork; Wizard Magazine)
W4    (J. Scott Campbell artwork; Wizard Magazine)
--    (Dealer sell sheet)

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©2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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