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Crimes against the Eye (by Robt. Williams)
Kitchen Sink Press - 1991

Note:  Distributed as a boxed set. "In the world of 'fine art' Robert Williams 
is known as an iconoclastic force who has been 'fouling the art world's nest 
since 1957.'"

No.   Title

  1   Snuff Fink
  2   A Flotsam and Jetsam Kinda' Gal
  3   The Day the Big Kahuna Stole Surf City
  4   Moon Over Smoochville
  5   "Never Cut Towards Yourself!"
  6   The Appearance of the Emblemata Persona of the Beat Generation
  7   Quest for Cholesterol
  8   Attraction to Anomaly
  9   Li'l Lamby Pie and the Philistine Brothelmonger
 10   The Face in the Maelstrom
 11   Innocence Isn't Blind, It's Myopic
 12   Carne De Amore (The Meat of Love)
 13   Poodles and Mausers
 14   The Brain That Thinks Holes Through Boiler Plate
 15   The Arapahoe Maiden Who Worshiped a Breaded Weenie But Let Her Mustard Go Brown
 16   What's Sewage to the Magistrate Might Be Caviar to the Psychopath
 17   Enchiladas De Amora
 18   Forging the Teeth of Deception
 19   Guns Don't Kill, Bullets Do
 20   The Man With the Wooden Nose
 21   the Mystic Rabbitmaster
 22   Bedroom Eyes, Party Gags and Graveyard Demeanor
 23   Strong Mezcal With Incendiary Chaser
 24   Face Value
 25   Timmy's Last Surprise
 26   Perineum Tartare
 27   Allegations of Fairy Abuse on Chickenhalk Island
 28   Siege of the Masquers
 29   The Decorator General
 30   The Nonchalant Amazon Syndrome
 31   The Chrysalis of Death
 32   The Op Tattoo
 33   Magnitude X
 34   Patrick Has a Glue Dream
 35   Empaire Hanging By a Stretch Mark
 36   Ranch of Disease

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