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Crime and Punishment
Eclipse - 1992

Note: Thanks much to Wayne Sot and Judy Hall for the insert updates!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.91 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title

The Trial of Sirhan Sirhan

  1  Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
  2  An Iver-Johnson .22
  3  Robert Francis Kennedy
  4  Policeman's Hot Chocolate
  5  Grant Cooper
  6  Lynn D. Compton
  7  An Angry Man
  8  George Charles Erhard
  9  "RFK Must Die"
 10  Emile Zola Berman
 11  Walker vs. Sirhan
 12  Mary Sirhan
 13  His Own Defense
 14  Dr. Martin M. Schorr
 15  Dr. Bernard L. Diamond
 16  Diamond & Sirhan
 17  George Murphy
 18  David Fitts: Some Final Words
 19  Russell Parsons: Wise Old Counsel
 20  A Sense of Loss: The Verdict Is Returned
 21  AKA #B-21014: Sirhan In Prison
 22  The Lone Gunman?: "Pay to the Order Of"

The Trial of Charles Manson

 23  Charles Manson: Not Your Regular "Family" Man
 24  Sharon Tate Polanski: She Starred In Death
 25  Charlie's Devils: "X=Crossed Out of Society"
 26  The Defense Team: Offensive to Some
 27  Vince Bugliosi: He Tried the Case; Buy the Book
 28  "Tex" Watson: The Gunslinger
 29  The Courtroom: AKA The Circus
 30  Charlie and Linda: A Family Feud
 31  Kasabian and Kanarek: A Horror Picture Show
 32  The Late Sharon Tate: Her Last Picture
 33  Jay Sebring: Till Death Do Us Part
 34  Abigail Folger: Heiress to Misfortune
 35  Wojiciech Frykowski: Shot, Beaten & Stabbed
 36  Linda Kasabian: Very Cross Examination
 37  Dr. Thomas Noguchi: Coroner to the Stars
 38  The Defendants: Flying High
 39  The Flying Manson: What Goes Up...
 40  Brought to Earth: ...Must Come Down
 41  Susan Atkins: Bloody Sadie
 42  Leno LaBianca: The Second Night
 43  Rosemary LaBianca: The Last to Die
 44  Lesliee Van Houten: The Most Appealing
 45  Helter Skelter: The Motive?
 46  Christ or Satan?
 47  Heil, Manson!: Hitler Was a Tuned-In Guy
 48  The Verdict: Prosecution 12, Manson Family 0

The Trial of Patty Hearst

 49  Patty Hearst: Heiress and Terrorist
 50  Steven Weed: The Weak, Talkative Type
 51  Bailey and Johnson: An Offensive Defense
 52  Judge, Jury, Lawyers: Lights, Camera, Action
 53  James Browning Jr.: The Prosecutor's Big Gun
 54  Tania the Terrorist: Banking on Publicity
 55  Zigurd Berzin: He Heard the Clip Drop
 56  Anthony E. Shepard: Attacked by Tania
 57  Patty Pleas: Shepard Has Lost His Way
 58  Thomas Dean Matthews: A Van About Town
 59  A Reluctant Witness: "I Just Did It"
 60  Patty on the Stand: Tania on the Tapes
 61  Pity Poor Patty: Victim or Vicious?
 62  Patricia Tobin: A True Friend
 63  Dr. Louis Joloyn West: The Head Shrink
 64  Dr. Robert Jay Lifton: The Jury ... Sick of It All?
 65  Dr. Margaret T. Singer: Patty Passes
 66  Dr. Joel Fort: "Expert"? Witness
 67  Catherine C. Hearst: Patty's Mother
 68  Randolph A. Hearst: The Last Witness
 69  Reasonable Doubt?: The Verdict
 70  Shootout at Mel's: Another Court, Another Crime
 71  Al Johnson: Final Words Before a Long Sentence
 72  Mother and Daughter: Bye Bye, Patty, Bye Bye

The Trial of William and Emily Harris

 73  William T. Harris: Kidnapper and Shoplifter
 74  Emily Harris: AKA Yolanda
 75  Harris, Weinglass & Harris: Defending the Revolution
 76  The End of the SLA: A Feeling of Pride

The Trial of Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

 77  Lynette Alice Fromme: "Little Red Manson Hood"
 78  Squeaky: Patience on Trial
 79  Judge Thomas J. MacBride: Ordered Out of Court
 80  Dwayne Keyes: United States Attorney
 81  The Hiding Place: What Did She Plan?
 82  Larry M. Buendorf: The President's Protector
 83  President Gerald Ford: Television Testimony
 84  John E. Virga: Squeaky's Defender
 85  Squeaky in Court: A Rare Scene
 86  Fromme and Keyes: An Apple for the Prosecutor
 87  Carried Away: A Life Sentence

The Trial of Sara Jane Moore

  88  Sara Jane Moore: Multiple Personality
  89  Judge Samuel Conti: And the Gun
  90  James F. Hewitt: Public Defender

The Trial of Wayne Williams

  91  Wayne B. Williams: Spoiled Rotten?
  92  Judge Clarence Cooper: Two Charges of Murder
  93  The Prosecution: Mallard, Slaton, Droley, Speed, & Miller
  94  The Defenders: Welcome, Binder & Kitchens
  95  Robert Campbell: Police Officer & Witness
  96  William McGrath: FBI Agent in Charge
  97  Scientific Tesimony: Fiber Analysis
  98  Shyran Blakley: A Confession?
  99  Dr. Daniel Stowens: See No Evil
 100  David Dingle: Dangling Dummies
 101  Homer Williams: Wayne's Father
 102  Faye Williams: Wayne's Mother
 103  Williams Testifies: "As Guilty As You Are"
 104  Was He the Child-Killer?: The Verdict

The Trial of Jesse Bishop

 105  Jesse Walter Bishop: "I'll Be Going Home"
 106  The Gas Chamber: Cruel and Unusual?
 107  The Right to Die: "I Have No Choice"
 108  As Witnesses Watched: Bishop's Last Gasp
 109  More Murders?: "The Punks Deserved It"

 110  Crime and Punishment [Checklist]


Limited Edition Bonus Cards: "The Chowchilla Kidnapping" (1:18 packs)

  A   Schoenfeld, Woods & Schoenfeld - The Perfect Crime ... NOT
  B   The Missing Bus - Where Have All the Children Gone?
  C   Frank Edward Ray, Jr.
  D   The Parents
  E   Arrest and Trial


 #1   Charles Manson, not your regular family man (Overprinted "Prototype";
        art by Bill Lignante; dealer promo)

©1999-2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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