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The Crocodile Hunter
Dart Flipcards - 2002

Notes: Thanks much to Keith Vancil, Robert Parrish, and Logan for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    The Crocodile Hunter
  2    Who is Steve Irwin?
  3    Terri (Raines) Irwin
  4    Australia Zoo
  6    Talk About a Dangerous job!
  7    What a Ripper!
  8    Check out the Size of this Bloke!
  9    Look at these Little Beauties!
 10    Rhinoceros Iguana
 11    What a Cutie!
 12    Scary Stuff!
 13    Adorable Koalas!
 14    Going our Way
 15    Eye to Eye with a "Rusty Monitor"
 16    Cassowary
 17    Isn't She Gorgeous!
 18    You're Okay Mate!
 19    Ayers Rock (Uluru)
 20    Tassie Devil!
 21    G'day Mate!
 22    Have a Look at These!
 23    Crikey That's a Big One!
 24    Crikey Sea Kraits!
 25    Sui!
 26    Check this Out!
 27    Kookaburra
 28    No Worries!
 29    Big Gray and Dangerous
 30    Look How Big, Look How Ferocious I am
 31    Isn't she a Beauty!
 32    What a Gorgeous Pair!
 33    Hip Hop Pals
 34    Eastern Water Dragon
 35    Check this Out!
 36    Ouch! an Asian Porcupine
 37    Green Sea Turtle!
 38    Charlie's Chompers
 39    Handle with Care!
 40    More than a Handful!
 41    Don't Muck with it!
 42    Have a go at This!
 43    Salt Water Crocs
 44    Steve Says!
 45    Terri Says!
 46    Charge!
 47    Crocs Rule!
 48    Great Stuff!
 49    Careful Steve-o!
 50    Little Beauties
 51    Looks Prehistoric
 52    Rattler!
 53    Spotted Cuscus
 54    Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
 55    Poison Dart Frog
 56    Good Onya Mom!
 57    Charlie the Champion
 58    Big Gnarly Boy!
 59    Jungle in the Clouds
 60    Deadly Cobra
 61    Steve's Hit!
 62    Cottonmouth
 63    What a Champion!
 64    Look at this Lizard!
 65    Tiger Sharks
 66    Angry Hippos
 67    Mouse Plague
 68    Fat Scorpion
 69    Steve Says
 70    Little Whipper
 71    Strike!
 72    The Crocodile Hunter Checklist


Most Dangerous Reptiles Cards (DR + LI cards: 1:7 packs)

DR-1   Boomslang
DR-2   Taipan
DR-3   Black Mamba
DR-4   Fierce Snake
DR-5   Russell's Viper
DR-6   Saltwater Crocodile
DR-7   Nile Crocodile
DR-8   Komodo Dragon
DR-9   Saw-Scaled Viper

Most Lethal Insects Cards

LI-1   Deadly Mosquito
LI-2   Sydney Funnel Web Spider
LI-3   Red Back Spider
LI-4   Bees
LI-5   White-Tailed Spider
LI-6   Mouse Spider

Box-Bottom Card


Autograph Cards (450 each; A or DW cards: 1:36 packs)

A-1    Steve Irwin
A-2    Terri Irwin

Danger-Ware Costume Cards (A or DW cards: 1:36 packs)

DW-1   Whoa, Check this Out! (Steve Irwin's shirt)
DW-2   Check this Out! (Terri Irwin's shirt)

Holofoil Case Topper

CT-1   Have a look at these Dart Frogs

Card Album

 --    (Binder)

Printing Plates (mail-in offer)


P-1    Fall 2001
 --    Fall 2001 (unnumbered; San Diego Comic Con)
 --    Fall 2001 (unnumbered; Non-Sport Update)
 --    Non-Sport Update (unnumbered; NSU Holographic Philly Card Show exclusive)
 --    By Crikey! (Dealer sell sheet)

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