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Davy Crockett (Walt Disney's) - Series 2
   Topps - 1956

Notes: Cards have green backs, unlike Series 1 (with orange backs and without the 
"A" appended to the card number). American Card Catalog reference is R712-1B. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

 1A   Buckskin Buddy
 2A   Dangerous Mission
 3A   Catching a Bear
 4A   Out of My Way!
 5A   Old Hickory
 6A   You're Wrong, Crockett
 7A   Setting the Trap
 8A   A Fearful Sight
 9A   The Warning
10A   Deadly Arrows
11A   Davy's Gamble
12A   Go Get 'Em, Davy!
13A   Sharpshooting
14A   Davy in Action
15A   Biting the Dust
16A   Quick on the Trigger
17A   Blazing Bullets
18A   Shower of Lead
19A   Suicide Attack
20A   Ambush
21A   A Shot Rings Out
22A   A Close Call
23A   Prepare to Fire!
24A   Happy Vacation
25A   Disobeying Orders
26A   Sneak Attack
27A   Jaws of Death
28A   An Enemy Falls
29A   Vicious Battle
30A   Fight for Life
31A   Finish 'Em, Davy!
32A   Give Up?
33A   Peace
34A   Taking Careful Aim
35A   Strange Neighbor
36A   Davy's Down!
37A   Flying Tackle
38A   Good-Bye, Crockett!
39A   A Surprising Offer
40A   The Reunion
41A   Davy's New Adventure
42A   Norton's Scheme
43A   Doublecrossed
44A   Heading South
45A   Davy Has Company
46A   Comanche!
47A   Rough and Tumble
48A   Sign Language
49A   "Capture Crockett!"
50A   The Alamo
51A   How's Our Chances?
52A   The Fighting Major
53A   Bowie's "Toothpicks"
54A   Blasting the Alamo
55A   Driving 'Em Back
56A   Looking for Trouble
57A   Ol' Betsy's Victim
58A   Georgie, Come Back!
59A   Rough Ride
60A   Furious Assault
61A   On the Run
62A   Brief Rest
63A   Davy's Song
64A   Outsmarting the Gambler
65A   Time's Running Out
66A   Ready to Charge
67A   Direct Hit
68A   Wall of Bullets
69A   Over the Top
70A   Keeping 'Em Off
71A   Take That!
72A   Breaking Through
73A   Enemy Reinforcements
74A   Straight for Davy
75A   Surrounded
76A   5,000 against 200
77A   Slashing Sword
78A   Blazing Pistols
79A   Fighting Finish
80A   Texas Triumph

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