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Davy Crockett - King of the Wild Frontier (Stamps)
   Disney - 1955

Notes: These stamp/stickers are pasted into a book with drawings by Walt Disney 
Studios, adapted by Norton Stewart. The series has "60 colour stamps of scenes 
from the Famous Film And Drawings to Paint."

No.   Caption

  1   Davy Crockett
  2   "Don't be so impatient!" said Polly
  3   General Andrew Jackson
  4   Major Norton glared at Davy
  5   Soldiers carried the bear into camp
  6   "Will you volunteer?" asked Jackson
  7   Davy let the party into the woods
  8   Chief Red Stick
  9   The braves danced around a fire
 10   Norton and his men fought bravely
 11   The Indians were soon driven off
 12   Davy told Jackson about the Indians
 13   "Give it to 'em, boys!" said Davy
 14   Red Stock spotted Davy
 15   The Indian fell with a moan
 16   "Prepare to fire!" said Norton
 17   "See you later!" Davy said
 18   Davy enjoyed his stay at home
 19   Davy and Russel found the camp
 20   They tramped through the swamp
 21   Davy fought the alligator
 22   Russel was tied to a tree
 23   "I take challenge," Red Stick said
 24   Davy was ready to fight Red Stick
 25   At first they were cautious
 26   White man and red man shook hands
 27   Davy and Russel met Judge Swaney
 28   Davy bought into the shooting match
 29   Big Foot sneered at Davy
 30   Davy began building his cabin
 31   Something was moving in the bushes
 32   "Big Foot hurt me," said Charley
 33   The two men pounded each other
 34   Charley shot Henderson to save Davy
 35   Russel read the sad news
 36   The folks liked Davy's speeches
 37   The Hermitage, Andy Jackson's home
 38   Davy was glad to see Russel again
 39   "I'm half horse, half alligator!"
 40   Davy named his new rifle Old Betsy
 41   Norton fell into Russel's arms
 42   They paddled down the river
 43   "Try your luck!" said Thimblerig
 44   Davy decided to go to Texas
 45   They rode until they reached Texas
 46   They looked down at the buffalo
 47   A lone Indian raced after the herd
 48   Bustedluck joined Dary's party
 49   Thimblerig feared the Indian
 50   Davy's party entered the Alamo
 51   Col. Bowie was against surrender
 52   All night the bombardment went on
 53   Russel had saved Davy'sw life
 54   Together they had faced Big Foot
 55   The Texans fired back at the enemy
 56   Davy sang the song he made up
 57   Santa Anna's men were attacking
 58   Davy fought desperately
 59   Davy kept firing Old Betsy
 60   King of the wild frontier

--    (stamp book)

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