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The Crow: J. O'Barr's Art Cards
Strictly Ink - 2003

Notes:  These cards were produced for the, and were 
distributed as a complete set in a cellophane wrapper.

No.   Title                   Media

001   J. O'Barr's The Crow    Pencil and Inks, Cardstock
002   Eric as The Crow        Pencil and Inks, Heavy Felts, Cardstock
003   Sunshine in Hell        Oils and Acrylics
004   Locomotive              Oil on Canvas
005   Eye and Rose            Chalk and Whites, Parchment
006   Day Dreaming            Oil on Canvas
007   Back to an Angel        Pencils and Inks, Cardstock
008   Midnight Lightning      Blue Felts and Watercolors
009   Rememberance Embrace    Pencils, Inks and Felts, Cardstock
010   Coaxing a Kiss          Pencils and Inks, Cardstock

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