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Crusader Rabbit
   Nabisco - 1961

Notes: Cards were issued in cellophane wrappers in 6-pack Lunch Pack boxes 
of Bell Brand potato chips. Fronts feature color artwork; backs show descriptive 

No.   Title                   Subtitle

  1   Crusader Rabbit         Our Hero
  2   Rags the Tiger          Crusader's Best Friend
  3   Garfield Groundhog      A "Hole Lot" of Friend
  4   Dudley Nightshade       Crusader's Enemy
  5   Bilious Green           Skulduggery Specialist
  6   Arson and Sterno        The Two-Headed Dragon
  7   S. Crow                 Air-Male
  8   Captain Huckleberry     Water-Pilot
  9   Captain Jolly Roger     A Disgrace to Piracy
 10   Al Catraz               Stir Crazy Kid
 11   Seymour the Dinosaur    Prehistoric Problem Child
 12   Sam Quentin             Jail-Male

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