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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Strictly Ink - 2003

Notes:  This set covers the first two seasons of CSI (the original Las Vegas
version).  Further information and scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. (4999 boxes, 12 boxes/case)
Common sets: approx. 2.38 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode

Season 1

     1    Gil Grissom welcomes rookie Holly Gribbs to hi    Pilot
     2    Grissom is promoted to head of CSI when Brass     Cool Change
     3    Time is ticking away when Laura Garris is kidn    Crate and Burial
     4    A woman's dismembered leg is found in a lake,     Pledging Mr. Johnson
     5    Eric Berkley goes to a rave party, and the nex    Friends and Lovers
     6    Home improvements unearth a woman's skeleton b    Who Are You?
     7    Four members of the Collins family are brutall    Blood Drops
     8    Grissom realises that he is on the trail of th    Anonymous
     9    Contradicting stories and bizarre evidence abo    Unfriendly Skies
    10    When a woman's battered and maggot-infested bo    Sex, Lies and Larvae
    11    The discovery of a previously frozen body on t    I-15 Murders
    12    Frank Damon is awaiting trial for arson, and f    Fahrenheit 932
    13    A bomb kills a man at a Las Vegas business off    Boom
    14    When the family dog brings back a tibia instea    To Halve and to Hold
    15    Showgirl Lacey Duvall is found in a mansion's     Table Stakes
    16    Grissom, Sara and Nick investigate the disturb    Too Tough to Die
    17    A thief is found dead at the scene of a robber    Face Lift
    18    When the elderly women die when a building col    $35K O.B.O.
    19    A parent's ultimate nightmare: their child is     Gentle, Gentle
    20    A deaf student is struck and killed by a car,     Sounds of Silence
    21    A jogger is found dead. At first glance it app    Justice is Served
    22    The decapitated head of a freelance artist is     Evaluation Day
    23    A fastidious serial killer strangles his femal    The Strip Strangler

Season 2

    24    One of the classic CSI episodes: The suspects     Burked
    25    Paige Rycoff calls for a cab to pick her up fr    Chaos Theory
    26    Grissom is pressed to quickly solve the case o    Overload
    27    Brad Schickel, the school bully, is found shot    Bully for You
    28    A woman is missing, and her boyfriend skips ou    Scuba Doobie-Doo
    29    When a man is found burying a bullet-ridden co    Alter Boys
    30    The death of a book restorer in a locked cage     Caged
    31    The CSI find themselves at a fetish club after    Slaves of Las Vegas
    32    Are two disparate crimes in different towns li    And Then There Were None
    33    A convicted con artist, Victory Avery, scams a    Ellie
    34    A real estate mogul is found dead in a hotel e    Organ Grinder
    35    Did Donna Mars' e-mail communication with a re    You've Got Male
    36    Serial killer Paul Millander ("Pilot", Anonymo    Identity Crisis
    37    Wealthy real estate developer roy Logan withdr    The Finger
    38    The local body farm suddenly has a new and una    Burden of Proof
    39    During an on-ice fight at a hockey game, Terry    Primum Non Nocere
    40    Four Buddhist monks are gunned down execution     Felonious Monk
    41    A tour bus on its way to Las Vegas crashes on     Chasing the Bus
    42    A young woman is found murdered in her apartme    The Stalker
    43    An elderly woman is found dead in her home sur    Cats in the Cradle
    44    A young boy playing in a park burns himself in    Anatomy of a Lye
    45    Murder hits close to home when the ex-chief of    Cross-Jurisdictions
    46    An unkempt woman is found dead under a freeway    The Hunger Artist

Profile & Information Cards

    47    William Petersen - Profile
    48    Gil Grissom - Profile
    49    William Petersen at the Movies
    50    William Petersen - Biography
    51    Gil Grissom - William Petersen on Location
    52    Catherine Willows - Profile
    53    Marg Helgenberger - Profile
    54    Marg Helgenberger on Crime Stories
    55    Marg Helgenberger on Catherine Willows
    56    Warrick Brown - Profile
    57    Gary Dourdan on Warrick Brown.
    58    Gary Dourdan - Profile
    59    Gary Dourdan - Biography
    60    Sara Sidle - Profile
    61    Joja Fox - Profile
    62    Jorja Fox - Biography
    63    Jorja Fox on Sara Sidle
    64    Nick Stokes - Profile
    65    Nick Stokes - Profile
    66    George Eads on Nick Stokes
    67    George Eads - Profile
    68    Paul Guilfoyle - Biography
    69    Paul Guilfoyle - Profile
    70    Captain Jim Brass - Profile
    71    Paul Guilfoyle on Captain Jim Brass
    72    Eric Szmanda - Profile
    73    Eric Szmanda - Profile
    74    Greg Sanders - Profile
    75    Robert David Hall - Dr. Robbins
    76    Robert David Hall - Biography
    77    Dr. Robbins - Profile
    78    Anthony E. Zuiker - Creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    79    Marc Vann - Conrad Ecklie
    80    Jeffrey D. Sams - Detective Cyrus Lockwood
    81    David Berman - David Philips Asst Coroner
    82    Archie Kao - Archie Johnson
    83    Gerald McCullough - Bobby Dawson
    84    Skip O'Brien - Det O'Riley
    85    Geoffrey Rivas - Detective Sam Vega
    86    Danny Cannon - Exec Producer, Writer & Director.
    87    Richard Berg - Production Designer
    88    John Goodwin
    89    Larry Detwiler - Visual FX Supervisor
    90    Jackie Tichenor - Special FX Make Up Designer

    91    Series 2 Sneak Peek 1
    92    Series 2 Sneak Peek 2
    93    Series 2 Sneak Peek 3
    94    Series 2 Sneak Peek 4
    95    Series 2 Sneak Peek 5
    96    Series 2 Sneak Peek 6
    97    Series 2 Sneak Peek 7
    98    Series 2 Sneak Peek 8

    99    Checklist 1
   100    Checklist 2


Stars of CSI Gold Foil Cards (1:5.3 packs)

   F1     Gil Grissom - William Petersen
   F2     Catherine Willows - Marg Helgenberger
   F3     Warrick Brown - Gary Dourdan
   F4     Nick Stokes - George Eads
   F5     Sara Sidle - Jorja Fox
   F6     Captain Jim Brass - Paul Guilfoyle
   F7     Greg Sanders - Eric Szmanda
   F8     Dr Robbins - Robert David Hall

DNA Fingerprint Gold Foil Cards (1:7 packs)

  DNA1    Fingerprint Analysis
  DNA2    DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
  DNA3    Ballistics Analysis
  DNA4    Forensic Anthropology
  DNA5    Voice Identification
  DNA6    Toxicology

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

CSI-A1    Gil Grissom - played by William Petersen
CSI-A2    Warrick Brown - played by Gary Dourden
CSI-A3    Sara Sidle - played by Jorja Fox
CSI-A4    Greg Sanders - played by Eric Szmanda
CSI-A5    Doctor Robbins - played by Robert David Hall
CSI-A6    Anthony Zuiker - Creator/Exec. Producer of CSI
CSI-A7    David Phillips - played by David Berman
CSI-A8    Archie Johnson - played by Archie Kao
CSI-A9    Det. O'Riley - played by Skip O'Brien
CSI-A10   Det. Vega - played by Geoffrey Rivas
CSI-A11   Bobby Dawson - played by Gerald McCullouch (1000)
CSI-A12   Det. Lockwood - played by Jeffrey D Sams
CSI-A13   Eileen Cox Baker - Costume Designer
CSI-A14   Richard Berg - Production Designer
CSI-A15   John Goodwin - Special FX Make-Up Designer
CSI-A16   Carol Mendelsohn - Exec. Producer/Writer
CSI-A17   Ann Donahue - Exec. Producer/Writer
CSI-A18   Larry Detwiler - Visual FX Supervisor
CSI-A19   Jackie Tichenor - Special FX Make-Up Designer
CSI-A20   Danny Cannon - Exec. Producer/Writer/Director (case exclusive)
CSI-A21   Conrad Ecklie - played by Marc Vann (binder exclusive)

Costume Cards (by redemption; 1:144 packs)

CSI-C1    Lab Coat worn by Gil Grissom played by William Petersen
CSI-C4    Shirt worn by Greg Sanders played by Eric Szmanda
CSI-C5    Lab Coat worn by Greg Sanders played by Eric Szmanda

Contest Offer (mail-in to enter drawing)

 SS1      Win a Signed Script

Case Toppers

CSI-A20   Danny Cannon - Producer (exclusive autograph, also listed above)
 CC-1     (Casino chip redemption card; 1:8 cases, numbered to 50)

Dealer Incentive

  --      (100-card uncut sheet; case pre-order incentive)

Card Album

  --      CSI (binder)
CSI-A21   Marc Vann - Conrad Ecklie (exclusive autograph, also listed above


CSI-PR1   Coming Soon ... (dealers)
  PR1     Coming Soon ... (dealers; error card, recalled: Old CSI logo)
CSI-PR2   Coming Soon ... (dealers)
  CI1     Coming Soon ... (Cards Inc.)
CSI-CI2   Coming Soon ... (Cards Inc.)
    --    (dealer sell sheet)

PREVIEW SET A (Sold separately; numbered to 499)

  A1      The Team
  A2      Gil & Catherine
  A3      Grissom
  A4      Catherine Willows
  A5      Warrick Brown
  A6      Nick Stokes
  A7      Sara Sidle
  A8      Capt. Jim Brass
  A9      Greg Sanders
  A10     Dr. Robbins

PREVIEW SET B (Sold separately; numbered to 499)

  B1      The Team
  B2      Clues
  B3      Inch by inch
  B4      Warrick & Nick
  B5      Murder...
  B6      Investigation
  B7      Evidence
  B8      Drowning
  B9      Found It
  B10     In the Desert

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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