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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Series 3
   Strictly Ink - 2006

Notes:  Thanks much to Joe and John Biagioni for updates! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Strictly Ink website. 

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 250 cases total
Common sets: approx. 2.39 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Card Text / Title                                Episode

       1    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
       2    Greg Sanders takes his field proficiency test    Viva Las Vegas
       3    (image)                                          Viva Las Vegas
       4    When a flash flood hits Las Vegas, the CSI tea   Down the Drain
       5    (image)                                          Down the Drain
       6    The CSI team is called in to investigate the k   Harvest
       7    (image)                                          Harvest
       8    Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a    Crow's Feet
       9    (image)                                          Crow's Feet
      10    The CSI team investigates a suburban murder wi   Swap Meet
      11    (image)                                          Swap Meet
      12    While investigating a murder on a Las Vegas co   What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
      13    (image)                                          What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
      14    Grisson joins forces with dayshift CSI Sofia C   Formalities
      15    (image)                                          Formalities
      16    A brutally murdered woman is found alongside t   Ch-Ch-Changes
      17    (image)                                          Ch-Ch-Changes
      18    When a technicality brings Grissom back to cou   Mea Culpa
      19    (image)                                          Mea Culpa
      20    Grissom and his team investigate the shooting    No Human's Involved
      21    (image)                                          No Human's Involved
      22    Greg is in the hot seat for his final proficie   Who Shot Sherlock?
      23    (image)                                          Who Shot Sherlock?
      24    When a decapitated female head is discovered i   Snakes
      25    (image)                                          Snakes
      26    When two female corpses buried together and en   Nesting Dolls
      27    (image)                                          Nesting Dolls
      28    The CSI's suspect third party involvement in t   Unbearable
      29    (image)                                          Unbearable
      30    The two teams work together to investigate the   King Baby
      31    (image)                                          King Baby
      32    When a healthy male victim is found dead in a    Big Middle
      33    (image)                                          Big Middle
      34    When a flight attendant is found raped and sta   Compulsion
      35    (image)                                          Compulsion
      36    Two CSI cases intertwine when a woman's fiery    Spark of Life
      37    (image)                                          Spark of Life
      38    A wild day in Las Vegas has the CSI's simultan   4 x 4
      39    (image)                                          4 x 4
      40    Grissom and Sara look into the brutal murder o   Committed
      41    (image)                                          Committed
      42    Captain Jim Brass travels to Los Angeles and r   Hollywood Brass
      43    (image)                                          Hollywood Brass
      44    After a tough day on the job, Catherine heads    Weeping Willows
      45    (image)                                          Weeping Willows
      46    Sara and Greg run into one dead end after anot   Iced
      47    (image)                                          Iced
      48    In this special two-hour season finale, it's a   Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      49    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      50    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      51    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      52    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      53    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2
      54    (image)                                          Grave Danger - Volume 1 & 2


      55    Gil Grissom - William Peterson
      56    Gil Grissom - William Peterson (image)
      57    Catherine Willows - Marg Helgenberger
      58    Warrick Brown - Gary Dourdan
      59    Nick Stokes - George Eads
      60    Sara Sidle - Jorja Fox
      61    Captain Jim Brass - Paul Guilfoyle
      62    Greg Sanders - Eric Szmanda
      63    Dr. Albert Robbins - Robert David Hall

Series Overview

      64    Jerry Bruckheimer, a veteran film producer who
      65    Gil Grissom (William Peterson) is the 25-year
      66    The CSI team works closely with Captain Jim Br
      67    Anthony E. Zuiker - Executive Producer/Creator

      68    Behind the Scenes
      69    The Team
      70    Grissom and Willows / Checklist [1-31]
      71    Checklist [32-72]
      72    Checklist [chase cards]


Foil Bonus Cards (1:6 packs)

      F1    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
      F2    Gil Grisson - William Petersen
      F3    Catherine Willows - Marg Helgenberger
      F4    Warrick Brown - Gary Dourdan
      F5    Nick Stokes - George Eads
      F6    Sara Sidle - Jorja Fox
      F7    Capt. Jim Brass - Paul Guilfoyle
      F8    Dr. Al Robbins - Robert David Hall
      F9    Greg Sanders - Eric Szmanda

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

CSIV3-A1    William Petersen - Gil Grissom
CSIV3-A2    Marg Helgenberger - Catherine Willows
CSIV3-A3    Gary Dourdan - Warrick Brown
CSIV3-A4    George Eads - Nick Stokes
CSIV3-A5    Jorja Fox - Sara Sidle
CSIV3-A6    Eric Szmanda - Greg Sanders
CSIV3-A7    Louise Lombard - Sofia Curtis
CSIV3-A8    Archie Kao - Archie Johnson
CSIV3-A9    Wallace Langham - David Hodges
CSIV3-A10   Marc Vann - Conrad Eckle
CSIV3-A11   Anthony E. Zuiker - Creator/Executive Producer

Costume Cards

CSIC3-C1    Shirt worn by Greg Saunders played by Eric Szmanda            Iced
CSIC3-C2    Armani tie worn by Detective Brass played by Paul Guilfoyle   Iced
CSIC3-C3    Shirt worn by Nick Stokes played by George Eads      .        Dead Ringer

Sketch Cards (1-2:case)

      --    Cynthis Cummens
      --    Evan R. Driscoll (a.k.a. Studio-Hades)
      --    Kevin Graham
      --    Cynthia Kendrick
      --    Warren Martineck
      --    Rich Molinelli
      --    Amy Pronovost
      --    Cat Staggs
      --    Sarah Wilkinson

      --    Congratulations (sketch redemption card)

Casino Chips (# to 500 across all types)

      --    $25 (Nick Stokes)
      --    $25 (Sara Sidle)
      --    $25 (Warrick Brown)
      --    $100 (Catherine Willows)
      --    $500 (Gil Grissom)

Card Album (sold separately; limited to 500)

      --    (binder)
      B1    (bonus gold card)

Casino Chip (Strictly Ink Year Box 2006)

      --    $25 (Greg Sanders)


      B1    (8 cast; gold foil; also listed above)
     PR1    Coming Soon (Willows and Grissom)
     PR2    Coming Soon (Grissom)
      --    (dealer sell sheet)

    The preview set was issued as a cello-wrapped set of 9 cards, with
    sets hand-numbered to 999.

      P1    Coming Soon
      P2    Gil & Catherine
      P3    Warrick Brown
      P4    Nick Stokes
      P5    Sara Sidle
      P6    Greg Sanders
      P7    Dr. Al Robbins
      P8    Detective Brass
      P9    Gil Grissom

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