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CSI: Miami Series 2
Strictly Ink - 2005

Notes: Thanks much to LesleyW for the update! Further information and 
scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 30 packs of 5 cards. 18 boxes/case, 138 cases made (2500 boxes).
Common sets: approx. 2.02 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Title                                  Number Made

       1    CSI Miami
       2    Lost Son [story]
       3    Lost Son [photo]
       4    Pro Per [story]
       5    Pro Per [photo]
       6    Murder in a Flash [story]
       7    Murder in a Flash [photo]
       8    Under the Influence [story]
       9    Under the Influence [photo]
      10    Legal [story]
      11    Legal [photo]
      12    Hell Night [story]
      13    Hell Night [photo]
      14    Speed Kills [story]
      15    Speed Kills [photo]
      16    Crime Wave [story]
      17    Crime Wave [photo]
      18    Pirated [story]
      19    Pirated [photo]
      20    After the Fall [story]
      21    After the Fall [photo]
      22    Addiction [story]
      23    Addiction [photo]
      24    Shoot Out [story]
      25    Shoot Out [photo]
      26    Cop Killer [story]
      27    Cop Killer [photo]
      28    One Night Stand [story]
      29    One Night Stand [photo]
      30    Identity [story]
      31    Identity [photo]
      32    Nothing to Lose [story]
      33    Nothing to Lose [photo]
      34    Money Plane [story]
      35    Money Plane [photo]
      36    Game Over [story]
      37    Game Over [photo]
      38    Sex and Taxes [story]
      39    Sex and Taxes [photo]
      40    Killer Date [story]
      41    Killer Date [photo]
      42    Recoil [story]
      43    Recoil [photo]
      44    Vengeance [story]
      45    Vengeance [photo]
      46    Whacked [story]
      47    Whacked [photo]
      48    10-7 [story]
      49    10-7 [photo]
      50    Lt Horatio Caine [sunglasses off]
      51    Caine and Det. Tripp
      52    Lt. Horatio Caine [sunglasses on]
      53    Calleigh Duquesne [teal shirt]
      54    Calleigh Duquesne [gray jacket]
      55    Eric Delko [striped jacket]
      56    Eric Delko [black shirt]
      57    Dr. Alexx Woods [black top]
      58    Caine and Ryan Wolfe
      59    Det. Yelina Salas [black jacket]
      60    Tim Speedle
      61    Det. Yelina Salas [beige jacket]
      62    Dr. Alexx Woods [green jacket]
      63    Calleigh Duquesne [flashlight]
      64    Ryan Wolfe
      65    Lt. Horatio Caine [belt buckle]
      66    Behind the Scenes [Caine and Tripp]
      67    Behind the Scenes [Duquesne]
      68    Competition
      69    Checklist [ 1-49]
      70    Checklist [50-72]
      71    Checklist [autographs, inked, binder, costumes]
      72    Checklist [hand drawn sketch card artists]


Bonus ID Badge Cards (1:12 packs)

  MI-ID1    Caine, Horatio
  MI-ID2    Woods, Alexx
  MI-ID3    Duquesne, Calleigh
  MI-ID4    Delko, Eric
  MI-ID5    Speedle, Tim
  MI-ID6    Wolfe, Ryan

Gold Logo Box Card (# to 2500)

      --    CSI: Miami Series 2

Autograph Cards (1:30 packs)

   MI-B1    Horatio Caine - played by David Caruso
   MI-B2    Eric Delko - played by Adam Rodriguez
   MI-B3    Det. Yelina Salas - played by Sofia Milos
   MI-B4    Calleigh Duquesne - played by Emily Procter
   MI-B5    Dr. Alexx Woods - played by Khandi Alexander
   MI-B6    Ryan Wolfe - played by Jonathan Togo
   MI-B7    Valera - played by Boti Bliss

Costume Cards (1:30 packs Costume or Sketch)

CSIMS2-C1   Quicksilver T-Shirt as worn by Jake    Game Over; 425
              Sullivan played by Tony Hawk
CSIMS2-C2   Shirt as worn by Tim "Speed" Speedle   Lost Sun; 500
              played by Rory Cochrane
CSIMS2-C3   Bloody Pants as worn by Calleigh       Recoil; 500
              Duquesne played by Emily Procter
CSIMS3-C1   Shirt as worn by Horatio Caine played  425
              by David Caruso
CSIMS3-C2   Miami Dade PD Shirt as worn in the     Cop Killer; 350
              episode Cop Killer

Artist Sketch Cards

      --    Kyle Babbitt                            25
      --    Carolyn Edwards                         50
      --    Kevin Graham                           n/a
      --    Robert Hack                             25
      --    Ingrid Hardy                            50
      --    Lucy Harris                            n/a
      --    Chris Henderson                         50
      --    Jessica Hickman                        n/l
      --    Tom Hodges                              50
      --    Leah Mangue                             25
      --    Warren Martineck                        20
      --    Rich Molinelli                         100
      --    Nick Neocleous                          50
      --    Rowena Pagarigan                        50
      --    Don Pedicini Jr.                        25
      --    Omaha Perez                             50
      --    Connie Persampieri                     n/l
      --    Amy Pronovost                          n/l
      --    Howard M Shum                           50
      --    Mark Spears                            n/a
      --    Sarah Wilkinson                         50
     SK1    (sketch redemption card)               n/a

Card Album (sold separately; # to 300)

      --    (binder)
      --    (costume card; some binders)


     PR1    Coming Soon (Caine in sunglasses)
     PR2    Coming Soon (Yelina at beach)
CSIM2-WEB1  (Horatio Caine; online offer)

PREVIEW SET (2005, # to 999, sold separately)

 P1   Coming Soon
 P2   Lt. Horatio Caine
 P3   Calleigh Duquesne
 P4   Tim "Speed" Speedle
 P5   Dr. Alexx Woods MD
 P6   Eric Delko
 P7   Ryan Wolfe
 P8   Det. Yelina Salas
 P9   The Team is About to Change

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