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Happy Nude Year Preview Set
   Cult-Adult - 2017

Notes: These cards were intended to preview a 2017 Adult Contemporary card 
set that was not produced. 50 preview packs were issued with regular and 
holofoil cards and blank backs. Further information and scans are posted at 
the Cult-Adult website.

     Title (from checklist)              Description         Credits

Base Cards

      Cuffs                               black back          Allen ...
      First Mate                          brown back          Peter ...
      Forced Landing                      brown back          Al ...
      Poppies Penance                     brown back          Double J Photography
      The End                             silver back         Kate Stanton
      The Verdict Was Wow!                brown back
      The Wallet Who Wood                                     Gil Higgins ???+
      Vodka Martini                                           Double J Photography
      Winning Aces                        green back          ... Elliott
      Cult-Adult Preview Pack Checklist   silver, gold back

Model Autographs

      Signatures were in silver, gold, or blue.

      Vodka Martini (signed gold, blank canvas back)          Tipples with Nipples
        (no signer list available)

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