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Curiosity Lands on Mars
   Sidekick Labs - 2012

Notes:Further information and scans are posted at the Sidekick website.

Pack: 7 cards.

No.   Title

  1   Three Generations of Mars Rovers
  2   Stereo (3D) Photo of Curiosity Rover
  3   Eyes on Curiosity Rover's Driving
  4   Mars Rover Curiosity with Wheel on Ramp
  5   Curiosity's Heat Shield and Back Shell
  6   Mars Curiosity Rover atmospheric entry
  7   Rocket Powered Descent Stage
  8   A Moment After Curiosity's Touchdown
  9   Curiosity at Work on Mars
 10   Seventeen Cameras on Curiosity
 11   Panorama of Curiosity's Belly Check
 12   Landing Site Panorama (right side)
 13   Looking Back at Tracks from Sol 24 Drive
 14   Focusing the 100-millimeter Mastcam
 15   Landing Site Panorama (middle)
 16   Martian Soil on Curiosity's Wheels
 17   Rover Takes Its First 'Steps'
 18   Landing Site Panorama (left side)
 19   Portrait of APXS on Mars
 20   Jake Matijevic' Target for Curiosity
 21   Bobak Ferdowski, Flight Director
 22   Mars Curiosity Rover Toys
 23   lazrin ur rocks
 24   We're NASA and We Know It


 P1   Earth Attacks!

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