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The Official Currier & Ives: Civil War Card Set
Freedom Press - 1994

Notes:  This set was distributed as a complete factory set limited to 5,000 
copies, with full-bleed pebbled-texture color artwork on the front.

No.   Title

 1    The Republican Banner for 1860
 2    Abraham Lincoln, 16th President Served 1861-65 Assassinated April 15th 1865
 3    The Bombardment of Fort Sumter Charleston Harbor, South Carolina April 12th 1861
 4    The Lexington of 1861
 5    The Storming of Fort Donelson, Tennessee February 15th 1862
 6    Terrific Combat Between the "Monitor" 2 Guns & "Merrimac" 10 Guns
 7    Bombardment and Capture of Island "Number Ten"
 8    The Mississippin in Time of War
 9    The Splendid Naval Triumph on the Mississippi
10    The Battle of Fairoaks, Virginia May 31st 1862
11    The Gallant Charge of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts (colored) Regiment
12    The Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee November 25th & 25th 1863
13    The Battle of Spottsylvania, Virginia May 12th 1864
14    The Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia September 1st 1864
15    The Fall of Richmond Virginia on the night of April 2nd 1865
16    The Funeral of President Lincoln, New York april 25th 1865

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