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The Official Currier & Ives: "Rails & Sails" Card Set
Freedom Press - 1994

Notes:  This set was distributed as a complete factory set limited to 5,000 
copies, with full-bleed pebbled-texture color artwork on the front.

No.   Title

 1    The Great Bartholdi Statue; "Liberty Enlightening the World" 1885
 2    Clippership "Dreadnought" of Tuskar Light
 3    Clippership "Nightingale"
 4    American Railroad Scene "Snowbound"
 5    Clippership "Comet" of New York
 6    An American Railway Scene At Hornellsville, Erie Railway
 7    Clippership "Great Republic"
 8    The Great International Yacht Race August 8th 1870
 9    U.S. Ship of the Line Ohio, 104 Guns
10    The Express Train
11    Yacht "Meteor" of New York 293 Tons
12    The "Lightning Express" Trains "Leaving the Junction"
13    The Bark "The Oxena"
14    "Volunteer"
15    The Clipper Yacht "America" of New York
16    American Express Train

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